PAX West 2017 | Overview

pax west

What is PAX?   PAX, originally known as Penny Arcade Expo, is a series of gaming conventions held in Seattle, Boston, Melbourne, Philadelphia, and San Antonio. Founded by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, authors of the popular webcomic Penny Arcade. Each PAX event is a show dedicated to supporting and celebrating video and tabletop

GNN Podcast | Weekly Wrap Up Ep. 6

GNN Podcast

The GNN Podcast is back with episode 6 of the Weekly Wrap Up! Stitch, Tia, and Chris come back after a holiday break to bring you the latest and greatest in movie news. They discuss the recent changes affecting YouTube, as well as recent tech blunders both in space and

GNN Wrap Up Podcast | Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of the GNN Wrap Up Podcast. A show where we wrap up the week's news and geek out on nerdy topics. We start this first week with your hosts Chris and Tia chatting with their producer Stitch on topics from Star Wars to Apple to

GamerGate: An Editorial

   GamerGate as a whole started as a group of consumers who were frustrated by the perceived lack of ethics in the game industry. The lack of journalistic integrity, perceived or otherwise spread and turned the message of Gamergate into something far more malevolent. It twisted its message into hate, misogyny,