An Interview With Local Author, Ravyn Crescent

artist, author, comics, deviantart, mercedes rule, monas story, predator turned prey, ravyn crescent, saboten conGlendale, AZ – Attending Saboten Con 2012 this year, I had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing local author and artist Ravyn Crescent. She is a multi-talented professional who has been involved in writing and art for a better part of her life. She was kind enough to allow us some time in the early morning before the con opened its doors to chat with her.


HL: Tell our readers a little about yourself Ravyn.

RC: My name is Ravyn Crescent and I’ve been a published author since I was 11 years old. I went international with a few poems and have been writing ever since and then I got into the work of making comics. The books out there is a really great way to promote what I think and how I feel, but with the comics it’s a very visual me that more and more people are reading so I get to spread my message further. And at conventions I like to sell jewelry and buttons and just anything people really like and I love talking with people and that’s me.


HL: So how long have you been doing this [conventions]?

RC: About 6 years.


HL: Wow, I feel young. I have been only doing this [press] for 2-3 years now. But that’s awesome! So how long have you been writing?

RC: Professionally about 14 years.


HL: What are you currently working on?

RC: Currently I am working on a bunch of new web comics I am giving away for free. I like doing the free comics because I get to hear back from fans who like to read it, what they want to see, what they want to hear. I really like having the ability to get feedback right away. I like seeing what people who go “Oh my gosh this is my favorite character”, oh well I better not kill that one off. We have two supernatural ones which is currently titled “Mona’s Story” and another one which is coming up soon which is “Mercedes’ Rule”. Both of them deal with demons and the occult and things like that. Mona’s Story is very dark and deep, it’s much for an older audience. But Mercedes’ Rule is very much teen friendly enough. It’s very playful, very friendly, they make a lot of jokes. There is a whole issue with the typo demon because the main character Cain he is half demon. He keeps correcting one of the humans spelling all the time when he is writing his blog. And currently we have one updating about a few times a month based on my published novel. The artist actually just had a baby girl, so it puts the artwork so far back but it is doing very well. We have much more coming. I like doing as many things as I can simply because my head goes so fast I can’t stick to one topic. I get people going up to me saying “You should do one about this!’ and I try my best to do it.


HL: So where can they find this comic?

RC: Right now it’s on Smack Jeeves. But if you goto my DeviantArt page which is, everything is linked there. And you can find my art there as well.


HL: Where do you see this project going?

RC: I see in a few years having ten to twenty comics. I have so many ideas I just want to keep going with them. With the current one Predator Turned Prey which has the most pages up currently, we want to finish it on what’s base on the book so far, as well as adding scenes that my publisher and editors removed. We’re gonna put those in the comic. And we’re also having contests where members can come and we’ll say “Submit your story ideas and maybe we will make them” or “Hey do you want to be a character in this, lets see it happen”, things like that. And once we catch up with the end of the book that is already published we are gonna continue the story on. Cause when I submit the stories to the publishers they want to remove so much it stops making it worth it but in the comic I care more about what the readers want than what the publishers want.

artist, author, comics, deviantart, mercedes rule, monas story, predator turned prey, ravyn crescent, saboten con


HL: So you said this is available on the web. Now will you ever make this available on print?

RC: Oh yes! Chapter one of Predator Turned Prey the comic version is ready to go to print. We are debating if want to do a Kickstarter or we should just make it available through places like IndiePress. We will probably have it for sale next month. The other comics don’t have enough pages yet but we will always be releasing them in print volumes with additional content.


HL: Great! Is there anything else you would like to mention?

RC: You should check out my artist Ally on DeviantArt at She is just an amazing, great, wonderful person who does not get enough credit.


HL: We will definitely check her out. I just want to thank you for your time Ravyn and wish you the best!

RC: Thank you!


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