The Fan Voice Podcast Review The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1

The Fan Voice Podcast review and discuss The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1. This season intro will be marked as legend for it's tension, surprises and incredible acting for an entire cast. Paul and guest Hong Le discuss their impressions and thoughts on the episode, the series and the future of The Walking Dead.   Find us at: Twitter - @FanVoicePodcast Email -   Roboskater by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist:

The Fan Voice Cosplay Spotlight: Lunar Lyn (Mini Documentary)

The Fan Voice's first Cosplay Spotlight shines on Lunar Lyn. A cosplayer full of passion, joy and a mass of intricate skill. She is constantly honing her skills through projects and cosplay competition, but what she seeks most is friendship and creative expression. Show your support for Lunar Lyn and all of these wonderful artists in the links below. Lunar Lyn: The Fan Voice: Photography: Courtex Studios Tony Julius Photography Astrea Arts Noble Beast Photography Logo Design: Think Here Now Designs Music: "Light Thought var 4" Kevin MacLeod "Lude Illa" Joe


the fan voice

The Fan Voice Podcast returns, and what a better thing to talk about than the ups and downs of Hollywood (and beyond) reboots, remakes, and sequels. We spend some time discussing Deadpool and returning the essence of a character to future iterations. Then we move to discussing reboots and sequels as a whole through film television and gaming.  When should something be rebooted? What makes a reboot fresh and innovative and what makes a reboot overuse

Interview: Briana White and Michael Pugliese | CMX 2015


Geek News Network interviews actors Briana White and Michael Pugliese of the new upcoming film Occupants at Comic & Media Expo 2015. They discuss how their roles in this film really stand out as they are portraying two different personas in one film. You can find out more about Occupants at   Director of Filmography: Chris Campbell Reporter: Sam Walker Camera: Andi Mueller Video Editor: Paul Ling

Interview: Eric Kask | Taiyou Con 2016


Geek News Network Interviews Eric Kask from Occupants the movie at Taiyou Con 2016. Since we last interviewed Russ and Julia, the team has taken on a new project involving a comic complimenting they're independent film. With a comic being based on a film involving alternate universes, the possibilities are almost limitless! Find out more on Occupants and this new comic at Director of Filmography: Chris Campbell Reporter: Sam Walker Camera Operator: Paul Ling Video Edit: Paul Ling

Interview: Yuu Asakawa | Taiyou Con 2016

Geek News Network interviews Yuu Asakawa at Taiyou Con 2016. Yuu Asakawa is a voice actress most known for Crypton Future Media’s Vocaloid, Megurine Luka. She has also played the part of numerous anime characters from Akame ga Kil, Love Hina and much more. She discusses her experience at Taiyou and finding new ways to contribute to the community. Director of Filmography: Chris Campbell Reporter: Jory Blaine Camera Operator: Paul Ling Video Edit: Paul Ling

Interview: Mega Ran | Taiyou Con 2016

  Geek News Network interviews Mega Ran at Taiyou Con 2016. Mega Ran is a rap artist who takes much inspiration from gaming and his own life experiences. In this interview Mega Ran discusses his new album along with the next steps he will take on his creative journey. Director of Filmography: Chris Campbell Reporter: Paul Ling Camera Operator: Chris Campbell Video Edit: Paul Ling

Interview: Lotus Juice | Taiyou Con 2016

lotus juice

Geek News Network interviews Lotus Juice at Taiyou Con 2016. Lotus Juice is a rap artist most notably known for his impact on the Persona series but has quickly gained fame through the creation of numerous anime themes and his own independent works. We discuss his experiences through Persona, at Taiyou Con and what his plans are for the future. Director of Filmography: Chris Campbell Reporter: Paul Ling Camera Operator: Jory Blaine Video Edit: Paul Ling

Interview with Robert Palmer and Michael Weiss at Fan Fest 2015

i am alone At Phoenix Fan Fest 2015, we interview Robert Palmer and Michael Weiss, director and writer of the hit zombie independent film I Am Alone. While many zombie films focus on the thrills and fears, I Am Alone takes a slower approach to the genre focusing on the main protagonist developing and coping with this apocalyptic world. Check out more information on their film at Reporter: Sam Walker Camera: Hong Le Video Edit: Paul Ling For more on Phoenix Fan Fest

Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest 2015 Music Video

phoenix comicon fan fest 2015 In this special music video, we take a look at Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest and its cosplayers. We ask cosplayers what they enjoy about Fan Fest. You'll find answers enjoyable and endearing as we rock through the University Phoenix Stadium. Reporters: Sam Walker, Jory Frick Camera: Hong Le, Matthew Hunt Video Edit: Paul Ling Music: Audien - Something Better (Lyric Video) ft. Lady Antebellum For more on Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest 2015, check out our review of the event HERE and