‘THE ZONE OF INTEREST’ Review | Uniquely Troubling

The Zone of Interest is as interesting as it is horrifying. Find out what makes this film so troubling in our full review

‘THE BEEKEEPER’ Review | Jason Statham Shines

David Ayer returns to theaters alongside Jason Statham, with his a new action film. Find out just how crazy things get in our review of The Beekeeper.

‘ECHO’ Review | Maya Lopez Deserves Better

Marvel continues to struggle as poor writing sidelines another Disney Plus series.

‘AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM’ Review | More of the Same

The DCEU finally comes to an end, but is it worth your time? Find out in our review of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

‘REBEL MOON: PART ONE – A CHILD OF FIRE’ Review | Wait for the...

Zack Snyder started his career directing a number of music videos, which eventually led to Dawn of the Dead and 300. Those two films...

‘AMERICAN FICTION’ Review | The Perfect Blend

Cord Jefferson is not a household name, but he should be. He's a writer/director on the rise. Find out more with our review of his latest film, American Fiction.

‘POOR THINGS’ Review | Lewd Entertainment

Yorgos Lanthimos is a visionary director, but his latest film may have crossed a line. Find out more in our review of Poor Things.

‘WONKA’ Review | Strike That. Reverse It.

Can Willy Wonka finally make a triumphant comeback? Find out in our review of Wonka.

‘THE OATH’ Review | Budget History Channel

Darin Scott's dream project finally comes to fruition, but was it worth the wait? Find out in our review of The Oath.

‘NAPOLEON’ Review | A Big Budget Documentary

Ridley Scott returns, but is it the famed director of Gladiator, or the less spectacular director of Alien: Covenant? Find out in our review of Napoleon.

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