Spider-Man No Way Home

‘SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME’ | Spoiler-Free Review

"Spider-Man: No Way Home" has proven to live up to the massive hype, delivering something old and something new to fans of all ages...
licorice pizza

‘LICORICE PIZZA’ Review | PTA at His Best

Paul Thomas Anderson's latest film is already lighting up awards season. Find out just how good it is in our Licorice Pizza review.
american underdog

‘AMERICAN UNDERDOG’ Review | Kurt Warner Wins in Football and Life

From stocking supermarkets to the NFL Hall of Fame, does American Underdog do justice to Kurt Warner's magical tale? Find out in our review.

Why I was let down by season 2 of Netflix’s CASTLEVANIA

WARNING: SPOILERS. This is a rant more so than a review, I summarize the entire second season of the show. Do not read this...
small engine repair

‘SMALL ENGINE REPAIR’ Review | Manch-Vegas’ Finest Film

John Pollono created a wonderful vision of writing, directing and acting, with a small issue. Find out more in our Small Engine Repair review.
hotel transylvania 4

‘HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 4: TRANSFORMANIA’ Review | You’ve Already Seen It, Three Times

Amazon is releasing a new Hotel Transylvania soon, but does it live up to what the franchise is known for? Find out in our full review.

The Only Christmas-Related Movie List You’ll Ever Need! (Now, with EXTRA Hyperbole!)

It’s that time of year again! It’s the time when every website, entertainment show, and magazine gives you its “Top [insert number here] Christmas Movies of All Time” list.
scream 5

‘SCREAM’ Review | Scream 5 is the Best Sequel

It's been over a decade since Scream 4, but fans of the franchise finally have a new Scream. Find out if it's worth a watch in our review.
nightmare alley

‘NIGHTMARE ALLEY’ Review | A Grifter’s Tale That Nobody Asked For

Director Guillermo del Toro is back with another potential awards darling. Find out if it's the real deal in our review of Nightmare Alley.
star wars visions

‘STAR WARS: VISIONS’ Review | Solid Stories for a Mixed Audience

Star Wars: Visions is a fun distraction while fans wait for The Book of Boba Fett, season three of The Mandalorian, and the other Disney Plus shows in the pipeline.

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