top gun maverick

‘TOP GUN: MAVERICK’ Review | The Perfect Remake

Tom Cruise is feeling the need for speed once more. Find out of this sequel lives up to the original in our Top Gun: Maverick review.

MINIONS | Movie Review

When it comes to appealing to the demographic of young children, you can't go wrong with a bunch of yellow, nonsensical creatures.  The minions...

PANIC | An Excitingly Bingeable Teen Drama

Panic is a creative and compelling story that will keep you guessing and engaged. If you’re a fan of shows like Riverdale, you need to put this on your watchlist. Even if you’re not a fan of teen dramas, Panic is worth checking out when you just want something to binge.

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again | Movie Review

No matter how bad things in your life get, you can rest assured that there will always be family and friends by your side...

VICTORIA | Movie Review

I'm sure most of us have found ourselves either moving to a new city or state because of work or our parents made the...
the french dispatch

‘THE FRENCH DISPATCH’ Review | Still Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson is back with another star-studded film. Find out if it's as good as his other movies in our review of The French Dispatch.

JASON BOURNE | Movie Review

Paul Greengrass has had a fairly successful career as a film director thus far. He started off doing a TV series documentary called World...

Us | Movie Review

Us frequently rides the line of being truly scary but never really achieves the mark that it sets out for itself. It begins with nearly every scene featuring an insane amount of tension and a looming sense of dread...

“Thor: The Dark World” Movie Review

Before the movie even began, we were treated to some exciting previews, my favorite being for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, in which we...

“2 Guns” Movie Review

“Buddy team-up” films have been around for some time now. The pairing of two characters of opposite personalities might seem like a recipe for...

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