Check it Out: Francesco Francavilla’s Awesome ‘Breaking Bad’ Posters!

Hands down, Francesco Francavilla is one of my all-time favorite artists ever. Francavilla has worked on great comic books such as “Black Beetle,” “Swamp Thing,” “Detective Comics,” “Black Panther,” and so much more. Seriously, go google his name and check out all the goodies he has done.

Below, you can check out his minimalist episode posters for season two of AMC’s “Breaking Bad.” The way he does them is each poster focuses on an episode in season two:

BB 2
Via Tumblr:

Ok, with the final season approaching rapidly, let’s get rolling with BReaking BAd Season Two, shall we?

Here’s part 1. Hope you guys dig my Minimalist Episode Posters.

Tune in next week on this same channel for part two.


If you want to see his minimalist episode posters for season one, click here. Lastly, make sure and follow him on twitter, he is usually posting all kinds of cool stuff.


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