DC Comic’s Batman Writer Teases Riddler Story in 2013!

batman, Comic books, dc comics, gotham, Riddler


For those of you who don’t know Scott Snyder (seriously?!) he is the current writer of DC Comic’s: Batman, Swamp Thing, and creator owned American Vampire. He is a stellar writer and one of the nicest guys to ever exist.  A couple of days ago he tweeted we would see a Riddler story arc in 2013, Check it out here:

Just wrapping up his acclaimed Court of Owls story arc with none other than art master Greg Capullo, in October they will again work together in the Jokers return in the highly anticipated Death of The Family story arc!

Also Snyder tweeted they will be on Batman for the foreseeable future!

Who else is stoked on a good Edward Nigma story?? It’s been a while since I have read a good Riddler story, so I can tell you I will be first in line for this!



batman, Comic books, dc comics, gotham, Riddler
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