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Hello fellow Geeks! This week, we travel to the big ol’ acres of Texas where we find the amazingly talented cosplayer NipahDUBS. Having been in the cosplay community since 2010, I couldn’t wait to hear about his journey as a cosplayer and share it with all of you! From Zeld to Final Fantasy, to Overwatch, NipahDUBS has a cosplay from just about every corner of the anime/gaming world, and the skill to match his success.

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Cosplayer: NipahDUBS
Character: Zenyatta (Overwatch)


What was your very first cosplay, and how do you think you’ve grown since then?

My first cosplay was Dark Link from the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. When I did that cosplay, I had no idea how to sew or use body paint. I didn’t use a wig and everything was pretty much a mess. Nowadays, I am a much better all-around crafter and make all my cosplays from scratch. I’ve grown quite a bit in these years, but still have much to learn.

Out of all the cosplays you’ve completed, what are your top three and why?

My top three cosplays are Howl from Howls Moving Castle, Vanitas from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Wolf Link from The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. Howl was the first cosplay where I really pushed myself – I made the wings and harness all by myself and created a feather/fur bodysuit for this, with bird feet included! It was quite an ambitious project and I used almost two thousand feathers for it. I am happy to have pushed myself to try something like this I had never done before, and it got me ready to try more things later on. Vanitas is an accumulation of all I have learned as a cosplayer – from sewing, armor work, wig styling, prop making, painting, etc. It all went into Vanitas and I got to fully show off all I have learned, and also won my first ever cosplay contest with it! Wolf Link was a design I drew up myself based his wolf form from the gang. Like Vanitas, it was another combined effort of all the skills I have learned, plus a few more like leather working and resin mold making. Bringing my own design to life was such a personal project and I loved every aspect of it.

Is there a dream cosplay you have yet to create? Why this character?

If I had to pick one, it’s not really a character but more of a concept. I really want to make an elaborate fabric based cosplay with detailed fabric, trim, jewels, embroidery… just something that is mostly a fabric based costume! I have yet to do something that is an insane fabric challenge and I want to test myself by trying one.

cosplay, cosplay corner, cosplayer, final fantasy, interview, Kingdom Hearts, Nipahdubs, Overwatch, photos
Cosplayer: NipahDUBS
Character: Vanitas (Kingdom Hearts)


What is one tool/skill you suggest every cosplayer have in their ‘utility belt’?

Wig styling. You can buy a cosplay, you can buy the shoes, the accessories and what not, and that is all fine! Though, for me anyways, I believe the wig can make or break a cosplay and I believe that having some kind of wig styling experience is needed for all cosplayers. True, you can also commission someone to make/style a wig for you but you need to know how to tend and upkeep that wig. A costume, on the other hand, doesn’t need as much upkeep as the wig will.

When building a new cosplay, what is your favorite medium to work with?
I love wig styling – making those impossible anime wigs a reality is so much fun!
What has been your favorite con/cosplay moment so far?
Seeing people who want to meet me is always a joy and I love getting to talk to those who support my work. Though. my favorite moment of all happened this year actually! I was able to gather friends from all different states and put together my biggest cosplay group yet – our Final Fantasy VII one! Cosplaying from the same series with so many friends was just a blast, and just being surrounded by such wonderful people like that made my whole year.
cosplay, cosplay corner, cosplayer, final fantasy, interview, Kingdom Hearts, Nipahdubs, Overwatch, photos
Cosplayer: NipahDUBS
Character: Vincent (FFVII)

How has cosplaying affected you personally?

Cosplay has allowed me to express myself in away, a few years prior, I didn’t know was possible. It has opened so many doors for me. I’ve gotten to travel to parts of the world I never dreamed of going to, getting to learn so many new and insane techniques, and best of all, just getting to meet so many incredibly talented and kind people. Cosplay truly has changed my life in phenomenal ways.

Are there any major accomplishments you’ve had in your cosplay journey that you’d like to share?
My favorite personal accomplishment was winning my first ever cosplay contest I entered with Vanitas and my friends as the rest of the BBS (Birth by Sleep) group. I had always thought I wasn’t good enough as a crafter to enter a contest and so I never did ’till many years later after I had begun this hobby. I was able to ’cause I was with my friends and they really empowered me through it all. Just entering with them and sharing that time was an accomplishment for me, win or not.
What advice/words of wisdom can you give to aspiring cosplayers?
Everyone starts somewhere – you’re gonna look at other cosplayers with envy at what skills they have or what they have created, but do not let that overcome you. You will grow and learn and better yourself. Your journey is separate and unique from anyone else’s. If this is something you are passionate about and want to do, then do it! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, make your dreams a reality.
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