Geek News Network’s In Las Vegas For CinemaCon 2013!

Las Vegas, Nevada – CinemaCon 2013 (formerly known as ShoWest) official starts tomorrow and GNN is making their way up to the big event. For the third year in a row, CinemaCon will be held at Caesars Palace, where hundreds of exhibitors and theater owners will come together and see what the big studios will have in stock for their audiences.

Here is a little preview of some of the some of the things we will get to see:

  • Paramount Pictures will show exclusive footage of J.J. Abrams‘ “Star Trek Into Darkness” and screen Michael Bay‘s new film “Pain and Gain” in full.
  • 20th Century Fox will screen Peter Feig‘s new buddy cop film “The Heat,” which stars Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.
  • Walt Disney Pictures will be showing off footage of Disney-Pixars prequel “Monsters University,” as well Gore Verbinski‘s new film “The Long Ranger,” which stars Johnny Deep and Armie Hammer.
  • CBS Films will be showing off their new summer comedy “The To Do List,” which stars Aubrey Plaza and Bill Hader, whose wife Maggie Carey wrote and directed the movie.
  • Warner Bros. will hopefully show footage of Zack Snyder‘s new film “Man of Steel,” Todd Phillips blockbuster comedy “The Hangover III,” and maybe, just maybe, footage of Peter Jackson‘s follow-up film to “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” which is titled “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.”
  • Besides all else, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures and Lionsgate will be there showing off footage for their upcoming films.

Of course, we will be posting news articles on here (maybe even recording a podcast or two!), but the best way to get up-to-date news is by following us on Twitter! Below, you can find our live streams, so, go make sure and follow us!

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About CinemaCon
CinemaCon will attract upwards of 5,000 motion picture professionals from all facets of the industry –from exhibition and distribution, to the equipment and concession areas – all on hand to celebrate the moviegoing experience and the cinema industry. From exclusive Hollywood product presentations highlighting a slate of upcoming films, to must-see premiere feature screenings, to the biggest stars, producers and directors, CinemaCon will help jumpstart the excitement and buzz that surrounds the summer season at the box office.

CinemaCon is delighted to have both the International Cinema Technology Association (ICTA) and National Association of Concessionaires (NAC) as its tradeshow partners. Cinemacon is also delighted to have as its official presenting sponsor, The Coca-Cola Company, one of the industry’s greatest and highly regarded and respected partners in the world of the movies. Additional information on CinemaCon, the Official Convention of NATO, can be found at

About NATO
The National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) is the largest exhibition trade organization in the world, representing more than 30,000 movie screens in all 50 states, and additional cinemas in 57 countries worldwide. NATO’s membership includes the largest cinema chains in the world and hundreds of independent theatre owners, too.


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