Hasbro and Marvel Make Cosplay for Everyone

I was 14 when I first started cosplaying. Doing some math, that puts us in the year 2005. In 2005, at least in Phoenix, it was fairly difficult to come across ready-made costume pieces. Beyond that, being young and new to the scene it was not always easy to figure out how to make these items. However, as costuming and conventions have exploded over the last ten years, companies like Hasbro are making it easier and easier for young and aspiring cosplayers to get in the game.

In February Marvel and Hasbro Toys have announced their future release of a new Marvel Legends Collection of cosplay items. These will be fairly affordable cosplay pieces such as Captain America’s Shield and Iron Man’s Mask. Each of these items are pretty rad as they are functioning and fairly screen accurate. The Iron Man Mask lights up with some batteries and the faceplate is removable. As for the shield, it’s the same size as the movie and made by Marvel, so you really can’t get more screen accurate than that, right? Each of these pieces will cost you $100 which is pretty good when you think about the costs of commissioning an item like this or the sad attempts it would take one to make it.


Right now, these are the only two pieces set to be released next fall. While it’s only two pieces for now, this is a great start for young cosplayer’s everywhere. No word on if they will be releasing weapons or anything of that nature, but this is a solid start. This is cosplay truly becoming the norm in our society which is pretty exciting! Personally, I am slightly envious of the young cosplayers that will grow into the scene aided by Hasbro and Marvel!


Image Credit: Hasbro

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