Hundreds of E.T. Cartridges Unearthed in New Mexico Landfill


Some games are infamously bad, but, none have really been as bad as the notorious 1983 Atari game, E.T. Based off the movie of the same name, the game was said to have nothing to do with said movie. Random holes the player would fall into and be stuck, and other broken controls and glitches that made it impossible to play. It was once rumored that Atari, having absolutely no idea what to do with the many unsold copies, decided to bury them, where they could never be found, or disappoint any gamer ever again. It was often seen as one of gaming’s biggest urban legends. Many people were skeptical of Atari actually burying copies of the game. But, some searched around New Mexico, where the stash of a game better off never have existing, was rumored to be.

Still, it had never been found, until today…

Turns out one of gaming’s biggest urban legends is true. In the city of Alamogordo New Mexico, officials green lighted the excavation last year, and, it wasn’t until today they hit gold (if you can even call it that). Hundreds of copies of E.T. were uncovered, some still in one piece. The excavation is still underway, and they are estimating more copies to be unearthed. Stay tuned for more updates.

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