Justice League 23.1: Darkseid #1 Review

jl-23-1Darkseid is one of the most heinous villains out there in the DC universe. With his godlike powers and his signature Omega beam, the Justice League have always had a tough time taking him down. With that said, I was hoping this book would show how dark Darkseid truly is. Unfortunately, it was a miss.

Justice League 23.1 Darkseid came in the first wave of DC Villain month. The writer Greg Pak showcased how a simple farmer by the name of Uxas became a god that everyone came to fear. By baring witness when the gods on his planet wiped out his farm, Uxas wanted revenge and cunningly turned the gods against one another. Uxas then deceptively took the powers for his own.  I am a fan of origin stories and I thought that it was a good idea for DC to do a back story of Darkseid. The problem is that the origin story feels very rushed. It’s kind of like if DC decided to cram Batman year zero all in one comic. Darkseid is an epic villain for Superman and the Justice League, and I feel if they wanted to do an origin story, it should be read  multi comic span for a villain at his caliber. The transformation from Uxas to Darkseid was literally one panel and after that, the story skipped through multiple points of time showing how he destroyed different worlds. The story was disappointing, but the art was very well done. Paulo Siqueira did a great job showing how powerful and evil Darkseid was, though I feel that it wasn’t enough to raise the caliber of his story.

I was a little sad to see how they portrayed a big villain such as Darkseid in the comic. Hopefully in the future, DC will give Darkseid more exposure and perhaps have him causing massive chaos the way he knows how.


Grade:  (5/10)

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