Justice League of America 7.2: Killer Frost

312px-Justice_League_of_America_Vol_3_7.2_Killer_FrostKeeping up with villains month, DC presented Justice League of America 7.2: Killer Frost. Throughout this month, I have been wondering how DC decides on which villains goes with which comic. Although, I feel Killer Frost is a perfect villain for the JLA and I hope they will use her more than this one-shot. This comic was a good read and the art matched up perfectly with the story. How good you ask? Lets break it down.


The story takes place in the Antartic in a Star Labs research facility. Caitlin Snow, a new member of the research team, came to the facility to replace a fallen comrade.  They were researching a way to produce a cleaner energy source. When Caitlin succeeded in doing so, her team double crossed her and tried to kill her with her very own prototype. Needless to say, a freak accident occurred and she became killer frost, an organic ice form that sucks the heat out of the human body within seconds.

Writing & Art:

I am a fan of origin stories. I like how a writer describes the way a hero or villain becomes who he or she is. An origin story has a very delicate line from being super good to ridiculously awful. With that said, the origin story of Killer Frost was done very well. The author, Sterling Gates, made me care for this character more than I ever had. This was the first time I saw Killer Frost to have human emotions and treated her power as a curse. Her overall goal is to become normal again and she is willing to do whatever it takes to do so. Gates also shows when Killer Frost meets Firestorm: the Nuclear Man in multiple encounters. This sets up her drive even more to become human, causing her to not care for the well being of others

The art matched the mood of the comic completely. The artist was Derlis Santacruz and the way that he depicted the emotions on Killer Frost was spot on. The best part of the comic was when Killer Frost realized that the Justice League is dead and she will never see Firestorm again. The emotion that she showed when she came to that realization was like you will never see your pet again. Santacruz was a perfect choice to bring all of these human characteristics out on her. What also set the mood of the environment was the lovely panoramic shots he made of the locations. It felt that the scenes were popping out of the pages and you were there.


The origin story of Killer Frost was great and I hope they build from that. The comic gave here a good drive on why she is evil and they gave her human characteristics. The art was visually well done and portrayed the story nicely. I would recommend this to any newcomer out there.

GNN Comics Grade:  VERY GOOD (7/10)


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