Every year, the great city of Los Angeles brings us all sorts of different forms of entertainment from around the world. With Anime Expo having just ended, we at Geek News Network are now raising our light sticks and turning up the volume for some of our favorite kpop artists at this year’s KCON in LA, August 11 and 12. For those of you who have never heard of KCON, allow me to open my encyclopedia of reasons as to why you should be looking forward to this exciting and eventful convention. Started in 2012, KCON USA is the original convention that brings the Korean wave into America. From food to pop music, fashion to dramas, KCON is the place to be to get an amazing and memorable taste of Korean culture, without needing to fly overseas to get it.

For many fans everywhere, the major hype comes with the lineup announcement for Korean pop artists who will be performing at KCON. This year, we are so excited to present to you a lineup that has so many fans screaming and rushing to buy their tickets, including many of us here (not even embarrassed about it, either).


You can stop your screaming now. We know, it’s an amazing lineup! Along with these performances, KCON offers so many different activities for their attendees that will surely keep you busy and smiling all weekend long. One of these activities include panels with some of your favorite Youtubers and influencers who will be talking beauty, food, video content and all things K-Pop. If panels aren’t really your thing, though, fear not! There is plenty more to do at KCON – dance workshops, an eSports zone, food street, and of course the infamous Flower Boy Cafe, where you can have a coffee and chat with KCON’s handsome flower boys. There is so much you can do in two days that make KCON all the more worth it.


Photo courtesy of KCON USA
Photo courtesy of KCON USA
Photo courtesy of KCON USA

For more information about KCON and its programming, visit the KCON USA official website, or visit the KCON USA official Facebook page. We hope to see you all there!

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