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For many of us, when we hear the words “Game of Thrones,” we think of the one and only Daenerys Targaryen, the Breaker of Chains and the Mother of Dragons. Daenerys represents strength, leadership, feminism, and the idea that true power doesn’t always stem from a lot of money in the bank. As fans have shown us time and time again, Daenerys Targaryen is a  huge favorite (from the characters that still remain alive in the show), so it only makes sense that HBO would partner up with Brewery Ommegang to release the third addition to their Royal Reserve collection. This collection features beers that pay homage to one of the four epic figures who fight for the iron throne in the battle for the Seven Kingdoms. The first beer to be released was Hand of the Queen, which pays homage to our favorite comedian of the show, Tyrion Lannister. Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, inspired by Cersei Lannister, was the second beer added to this collection. This leads us to our third beer, inspired by Khaleesi, herself – Mother of Dragons.


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Photo courtesy of Brewery Ommegang and HBO Licensing & Retail


Because of Daenerys’ inspirational and influential ascension, the masterminds at Brewery Ommegang wanted to ensure that this beer would represent everything that Daenerys stands for and embodies as one of our favorite leading ladies. When poured, Mother of Dragons will give off a brilliant mahogany hue with a creamy tan head. Lift the glass to your lips and you will immediately pick up on the subtle fragrances of chocolate-covered cherries, accompanied by subtle smoke and roasted malt accents. Once you drink it, the flavor itself is comparable to the sweet yet bitter journey Daenerys has been through – tart cherry flavors rush to hit your taste buds upon impact, developing into a semi-sweet chocolate taste. Finally, the journey is resolved into a smoky finish with mildly sweet undertones. The mouthfeel of the beer itself is creamy and full, while still remaining as luxurious as the Targaryen Queen, herself. Of course, it is always lingering with those smoky, semi-sweet finishes.

Mother of Dragons comes to us at 6.5% ABV and is said to pair quite well with a smoked gouda or a rich dessert, such as a cherry cheesecake. This beer, along with the rest of the collection, will be available on draft as well as in 750ml bottles. With three out of four beers having been announced thus far, HBO and Brewery Ommegang expect to announce the final beer of the collection later this year. For more information on the rest of the collection, check out Brewery Ommegang’s page or click this fancy link here! So, keep your frosty mugs ready. The battle for the Seven Kingdoms isn’t over just yet.

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