12 PACK: Cat’leth

Keep up to date with the Nerd News you need to know in this tasty installment of The 12 PACK! In this episode: Shia LeBeouf is quitting public life! (meh?) Marvel Films may not be done with The Mandarin MOAR SHERLOCK! Kanye can't stop Coinye Goodbye Doc Oc, Hello Peter Parker! Stream Games with "Playstation Now"! Bullets designed


Time for yet another 12-Pack!   In this week's casting roundup: prequels, sequels and strong female role-models Bryan Singer wants to bring Apocalypse to the big screen Robot delivery men German police develop a Nazi Shazam Shenanigans on the moon, and How to teach your bees the faces of your enemies. All this and more mind-numbing nerd knowledge

12 Pack: Return of The Grover

In this not-special-at-all episode of the 12-Pack: Marvel completes their world conquest by moving into live theater Dark Horse wants to rape your face with an Aliens and Predator comic The MPAA is a big, fat C-word Moose are dying.  Also, the plural of moose is moose. Your liver is thirsty for REVENGE! And so much

Increase Your Epic Level With Adavant

Tempe, AZ - About four years ago, I received a message from an old metal-head friend of mine that said the city of Chandler had birthed a Folk Metal band called Adavant.  He said the band had heavy medieval, folk, and classical influences.  With much excitement, I sat straight up