3DG EPISODE 38: Drink or Treat!

In this seasonally festive episode of The 3 Drunk Geeks, the geeks are joined by Jen and Matt Hinds for another fantastic installment of “Getting Crafty with Jen!” Jen helps the boys get into the Halloween spirit by offering a creative and unique way to enjoy your Jack-O-Lanterns all season long, through the use of vinyl silhouettes! She even brought along some personalized pumpkins for Neil and James! Not to mention a Halloween themed Snacksploitation and some awesome Do Wants! All this and more on Episode 38: Drink or Treat!
Also featuring Special Guest Drunk Geek: Jim Miller of New Mutiny Media!

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Episode Art Credit: Jeff Jones:
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Driven-Design/166324230036 / http://drivendesign-phx.com/



  557248_10151612220031644_913956618_n      If you have lived in the desert at any point during the pumpkin carving season, you know that once you plunge your little plastic saw into its flesh the time starts ticking. Most people will wait until days before Halloween to avoid their hard work from melting into the pavement before the big night.
Here is one option to enjoy your pumpkins for longer (no carving!) and be able to do something cool no one else is doing!)


What you’ll need:
* A profile shot of your subject. Preferably looking straight to the side (profile). I printed out a photo after converting the colors to B&W (This saves ink and sharpens features). The more detail, the more the end product will look like your subject.
* Scotch tape
* Adhesive vinyl (I used black, but I think other colors would work too but you might not get that classic jack o’ lantern feel).
I got this roll from amazon for $12 (no shipping since I have Prime, but I have enough here to make maybe 30 pumpkins). I also saw some places selling single sheets for much cheaper. This is the one I purchased, and I am quite happy with it


Take your scotch tape and roll a few pieces to the back of your photo, making sure to tape where you will not be cutting.



Tape the photo to the vinyl and trim excess.


I like to start by cutting a rough area around the subject, so I am free to get as close as possible without a lot of excess paper around my hands.



 The best trick to get into those tight details is to turn the paper in your hand, NOT try to lead with the scissors. I know its hard to tell by these shots, so I made a gif that will hopefully show it better
Click Here



Carefully remove the paper from the vinyl


Separate the vinyl from the backing and peel it off completely. The vinyl is very forgiving (unlike duct tape or contact paper) and will peel away from itself and other surfaces easily.


I started with the face, smoothing it over the pumpkin. Because you are putting a flat material on a curved surface, you will have creases. I wanted to make sure the face was as consistent as possible.



 Continue smoothing across the rest of the head. Remember, if you realize it’s crooked or not in the best place, just carefully lift a corner and peel it away from the pumpkin slowly and start over.



I found using my fingernail or the back of a pair of scissors got out a lot of the air bubbles and ridges.


 And here they are. Back light them for a spooky feel, or try gutting them and see how they glow!

[SlideDeck2 id=10315]

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