They say it's better late then never.  Well folks, we have a super late Christmas Special! In this tardy episode of 3DG, James, Neil and Grover are joined by the always lovely Jen and Matt Hinds for a rather festive "Getting Crafty with Jen"! Despite having literally no voice and Matt having to do all the talking, Jen brought us a fantastic take on the old fashioned Christmas Stocking. Why not check out the episode for

3DG EPISODE 38: Drink or Treat!

In this seasonally festive episode of The 3 Drunk Geeks, the geeks are joined by Jen and Matt Hinds for another fantastic installment of "Getting Crafty with Jen!" Jen helps the boys get into the Halloween spirit by offering a creative and unique way to enjoy your Jack-O-Lanterns all season long, through the use of vinyl silhouettes! She even brought along some personalized pumpkins for Neil and James! Not to mention a Halloween themed Snacksploitation

DinoCon Hatches in Phoenix!

When I was six years old, I saw a clip of a claymation triceratops gore a man.  You could say from that point on I possessed a profound respect and intrigue for dinosaurs, a fascination only furthered with plastic dino toys, encyclopedic tomes on dinosaurs, posters pinned to the wall, and the holy canon for dino fans: Jurassic Park.  Naturally then, such an event entitled DinoCon would be first and foremost on my must-attend list. 

First Person Crafting: Ghost Mask (COD)

The skull ski-mask is showing up everywhere in first person shooters.  It's probably best known (cue flame war now...) from the character of Ghost, a SAS operator in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise. While similar masks are not very expensive online, those of us of the DIY inclination can make one pretty easily. You will need: A ski mask:  I used acrylic wool because that's all the military surplus store had.  Neoprene or fleece might also