Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon is finally here!


Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon finally hit stores this week and as we speak, people will be rushing to the store and hoping there is at least one of the limited edition glow-in-the-dark versions still available. But now that the game is here, what can we look forward to when we fire it up?


A great blend of genres

One of the things that make Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon so appealing is that it is a gentle blend of other gaming genres. There are things to figure out as you wander around the spooky old house and, while it’s certainly no Professor Layton adventure, there could well be something in there for fans of puzzle games and strategy games. However, for the most part it’s all about having fun in an action, arcade, adventure environment.


Plenty of what you loved about the original

As it was such a popular title, it seemed strange that Nintendo wouldn’t consider giving the next outing for Mario’s nervous brother over to its brand new Wii U console. However, when you see the game on 3DS, you’ll see that the journey makes sense. It has most of the things that made the original a success, including the same vacuum-based ghost-busting action and spooky, stylish graphics.


Plenty of new stuff to enjoy

Obviously, the fact that this is on Nintendo 3DS makes the gameplay – or at least the control of it – quite different to what we saw before. However, it still runs like a dream and there are other new things to look forward to. For example, the A-Pull tension gauge that allows you to fire powerful blasts that drains your paranormal enemies faster and grab some gold.

First impressions of the game so far seem to suggest it will offer spooky fun for people of all ages. Fans of traditional Mario games will enjoy seeing Luigi given the chance to shine for a change in an adventure that is very much his own, whereas younger players will love the simplicity of the title. That said, there is still plenty to challenge the more seasoned gamer should they wish to give it a go. Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon is available now.


By: Nintendo UK


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