The 2nd Annual LOLLIPOP Superhero Walk 2018

lollipop superhero walk

The 2nd Annual LOLLIPOP Superhero Walk was held on Sunday, April 29th at Pan Pacific Park in Los Angeles. The event featured 7 children from LA area hospitals who unveiled their own superhero costume designed by some of the top members of the Costume Designers Guild. The hero kids were accompanied by families, friends and celebrity supporters on an hour walk that concluded with an after party with food, games, music and even a magic

Costume Resources: The Price We Pay

Right now is a great time to be a costumer. For the first time, probably ever, costuming resources are at their best. Forces like Joann’s, Yaya Han, McCalls, and Simplicity have created amazing patterns and fabrics with costumers in mind. Now it is easier than ever to find patterns made specifically for Marvel and DC comic characters. Beyond that, they are dipped into the various subcultures of costume communities too such as lolita, maid cafe,

How to Make an Awesome [Steampunk] Costume on a Budget

I only recently started attending comic conventions, of course with the help of my wonderful editor/publisher Hong Le and GNN!  The first one I went to was last May, the Phoenix Comicon, and I went without dressing up.  Before I even entered the Phoenix Convention Center, while I was simply trying to get into the parking garage, I saw an excess of people dressed in their favorite super hero, villain, film/TV show character, and video

Cosplay Corner – Red Sonja: the Battle, the Bikini, the Bruises

Fair Warning: This post is looong at 1200 words. I'm a pretty verbose lady. ;) As most of you already know, or soon will, I dressed as Red Sonja for Phoenix Comicon. It was a blast and a lot of people got to see it and take photos with me, and it’s already been featured in a few photo galleries and blogs. What you may not know is all the hard work and effort that went into

Con Virgin – First Timer at the 2012 Phoenix Comicon – Part 1

I knew it was going to be the beginning of a fantastic weekend as soon as I passed by a father and son, and heard the father say, “You already have four Lightsabers, you can’t have any more!”  That was just the beginning to my first ever Comicon.  You can imagine my excitement, because I literally had just stepped into the hall where all the booths were.  The first picture I took was of a

Cosplay 101

I was recently sent this message by the lovely Ms. Melissa: “I’m looking to get into cosplay. Do you have any info on how I can get started? Thanks so much in advance. I appreciate any help, tips, or suggestions you can offer.” Well, my darling Melissa, have I got a treat for you! A HUGE post dedicated to those aspiring to be awesome cosplayers! This is just a beginner's crash course, so if you're looking

Convention Etiquette

I received this message from a fan and wanted to share my response with everyone, since odds are there are others out there with the same questions. Enjoy! Message from JT: "PCC is going to be my first Con and I was hoping you could help answer a few questions/advice. How does registration work? Is that in addition to buying my ticket? What kind of stuff do you recommend I bring? Must haves? Best practices? Any