Costume Resources: The Price We Pay

Right now is a great time to be a costumer. For the first time, probably ever, costuming resources are at their best. Forces like Joann’s, Yaya Han, McCalls, and Simplicity have created amazing patterns and fabrics with costumers in mind. Now it is easier than ever to find patterns made

Cosplay 101

I was recently sent this message by the lovely Ms. Melissa: “I’m looking to get into cosplay. Do you have any info on how I can get started? Thanks so much in advance. I appreciate any help, tips, or suggestions you can offer.” Well, my darling Melissa, have I got a

Convention Etiquette

I received this message from a fan and wanted to share my response with everyone, since odds are there are others out there with the same questions. Enjoy! Message from JT: "PCC is going to be my first Con and I was hoping you could help answer a few questions/advice. How