Drawn to Comics Podcast | Episode: 10

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In this weeks episode of the Drawn to Comics podcast. Russ and Ken explore recent speculations that Marvel Comics' declining sales are the result of its new, diverse superheroes.  Are fans really not interested in younger, multicultural characters?  Are retailers doing everything they can to promote these comics?  Will traditionalism sink the industry . . . or save it?  Listen to a retailer and longtime reader tackle the issues!

“Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #200” Comic Review

[Comic Publication Date: 4/2/14] Call it an egregious omission, but I haven’t read most of the Ultimate Comics Spider-Man series with Peter Parker under the titular mantle. It was when new character Miles Morales was introduced as Spider-Man that I began reading and only then did I retroactively read a handful of issues from the old series to understand what happened to Peter Parker in the Ultimate Universe, then I never looked back again. I’m confessing

“Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #28” Comic Review

A lot is left hanging in the balance at the end of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #28, which marks the end of the series in its current iteration but promises further adventures for its eclectic cast of characters. Marvel’s Ultimate Universe has been rumored to be on its last legs for a while now and the conclusion of one of its flagship titles all but drives the nail into that proverbial coffin. But Ultimate Spider-Man #28

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #26 Review

Ever since Miles Morales returned to the mantle of Spider-Man, costumed heroes have been popping up all around him, the most recent of which are the Roxxon Corporation experiments-gone-awry team of Cloak and Dagger. In Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #26, series writer Brian Michael Bendis introduces another Roxxon byproduct into the fray in the form of Lori Baumgartner aka Bombshell. Just as he did a few issues ago with Cloak and Dagger, Bendis explores the tumultuous