Unsane | Movie Review

When you get a pebble in your shoe, it can be anything from a minor annoyance to a severe distraction which keeps you from being able to concentrate on anything else. Unsane put a fist-sized rock in my shoe, and it took away from what might have been a much better movie. Keep in mind that I have sat through two different 50 Shades movies when I say that I nearly walked out of this

Den of Thieves | Movie Review

Who do you root for when the good guys aren’t that good, and the bad guys have better family lives? Den of Thieves explores that question fairly well while weaving a cat and mouse tale of two gangs of highly armed, highly motivated, and highly skilled men against each other, as their leaders match wits to see who is the better master of their element. The film opens with a tactically executed armored car heist,

The Commuter | Movie Review

There is comfort in routine. It is soothing to be able to have an idea of how the events of any given day will likely unfold. There is a sense of security in the known. But how many times does that routine fall apart and set up a chain of events that spirals further and further out of the comfort zone? The Commuter is a potpourri of elements that come together to bring some of

Detroit | Movie Review

Even though she should be, director Kathryn Bigelow isn’t really a household name. She was born in San Carlos, California to a librarian and a paint factory manager. Growing up, her main passion in life was painting. Due to this passion, she attended the San Francisco Art Institute where she received a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree. Shortly after, she fell in love with cinema and attended Columbia University in New York City where she

“The Fifth Estate” Movie Review

Benedict Cumberbatch is a somewhat unusual name that fits nicely with a somewhat unusual actor. He is not unusual in the sense of being weird or strange, but more in the sense of being able to hone his acting craft and make himself memorable in the process. Even though more recently he has popped up on everyone’s radar, Cumberbatch has been professionally acting for over ten years. My first memory of seeing him on screen