E3 2017 | Microsoft Press Conference Recap

Anthem Bioware game

Sunday afternoon, Microsoft showed the world what they have in store for the future of gaming. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, immediately hit the ground running and absolutely refused to stop, firing off announcement after announcement in rapid succession. A total of 42 games would be shown, 22 of them exclusive to Xbox One and Windows 10, and my fingers instantly started to ache prematurely because I knew I would be here for a while.

Phantom Dust Remastered Releases May 16th, Free Of Charge

Phantom Dust Remastered

Well here's some interesting news. At E3 2014, Microsoft announced they would be rebooting a cult classic original Xbox game. Phantom Dust, a unique and frankly underappreciated multiplayer action game, was met with praise but unfortunately saw little commercial success when it launched back in 2004. Many fans of the game swear by it, including multiple developers at Microsoft. So of course, due largely to financial reasons, the reboot was quietly canceled and left the

ReTurn To Sender | ReCore Review

I’ll come right out say that ReCore is rough around the edges and could have used more development time to turn this new series into something special. The general idea of the game is interesting and very reminiscent of third person action-platformers abundant on the PlayStation 2 years ago. The characters have a lot of charm, the world is imaginative and mysterious, and the sense of adventure is prominent from the start. Unfortunately, what we