“The Comic Book Insider” Season 2:Ep.13 & 14

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Episode 13:

It’s The Comic Book Insider with Sort of a Big Deal Brian Augustyn! The Insiders answered the call and arrived in force as Brian and company cover the latest geek news there is. Negative Steve returns locked and loaded with a Top 11. Jaime returns after intense contract negotiations, and Miguel complains about air time, time for The Comic Book Insider drinking game! The gang covers the effects of social media and talk about the infamous tweeter battle between two comic book creators. It’s de plane, de plane, de plane, no it’s The Comic Book Insider!

Episode 14:

Space the not so final frontier, this is the continuing podcast show The Comic Book Insider with Sort of A Big Deal Brian Augustyn. Brian and company boldly go where every geek has gone before in there first special focus episode and we kick things off with Star Trek. Klingons, Vulcans and Romulans! Oh my! Also Brian interviews Nathan Blackwell creator of the web series Voyage Trekkers. Check it out because resistance is futile…


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