3DG EPISODE 42: Guess Who’s 50?


Doctor Who is turning 50 this week, so the 3 Drunk Geeks sat down with Duncan Macleod and James Richardson, the lord-presidents of the largest Doctor Who fan club in America: AZ TARDIS!  Together, they reminisce over past Docs, argue over their favorite stories, talk about the many virtues and vices that come with building your own TARDIS, and discuss what YOU can do to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who in Arizona and beyond!  On top of that, they dream of where they would go if the Doctor invited them on a trip through time and space.

All of this plus all the Chex Mix you can eat on EPISODE 42: GUESS WHO’S 50?!

Cheers and Enjoy!

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Episode Art Credit: Jeff Jones:
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Driven-Design/166324230036 / http://drivendesign-phx.com



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