Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2015 Preview


In about a month, another convention will be gracing the halls of the downtown Phoenix convention center. Amazing Arizona Comic Con will be calling all superheroes on Valentine’s Day weekend! Going from February 13th through the 15th, the con promises tons of events, panels, and guests that there is something for everyone. Before we get into what this con is really offering, let’s get some info out of the way first! Full day passes are available for $60, single passes for Friday are $25. Saturday only are $35, and Sunday passes are $25. VIP ticket packages go from $150-$200. Hours for the con are Friday 3pm-8pm, Saturday 10am-7pm, and Sunday 10am-6pm.

Now that, that is all out of the way, let’s get to the fun! Amazing AZ is offering lots of events and guests to make sure your weekend will be a blast! Friday night, Family Feud Cosplay will be held, a popular tradition. It pits cosplayers against each other testing all their knowledge from various nerdy subjects. On Saturday, come see all the best costumes that Amazing AZ has to offer! It’s the cosplay contest! Offering two categories, New Comer, and Expert, cosplayers can enter individually or as a group. Have some little ones coming with you? Sunday offers all kinds of kid activities to help make their con a great one! Everything from free sketches, to costume parades, to drawing activities, your little ones are sure to be entertained.

When it comes to guests, some of the best in their fields will be attending this year’s show. Steve McNiven, famous comic artist for such books as “Old Man Logan” and “Civil War” is always making something spectacular for Marvel. In fact, this is his first year he will appear in Phoenix! Other comic guests include: Deadpool creator and comic artist, Rob Liefeld, Batman and Spawn artist, Greg Capullo. Comic legend and artist for Teen Titans and Wonder Woman, George Perez. Creator of Spiderman villain Carnage, Mark Bagley. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles creator, Kevin Eastman. Incredible Hulk and Marvel artist, Herb Trimpe. X-Men and Marvel artist, Adam Kubert. Captain America: Winter Soldier creator, Steve Epting. Former Disney artist, writer, and horror movie director, Mat Nastos. Character designer for Bob’s Burgers, Devin Roth. My Little Pony artist, Thom Zahler. Comic vet known for working on Uncanny X-Men and Avenger Crossover events, Brandon Peterson. Local artist and Zenescope vet, Mike Debalfo. Lady Death creator, Brian Pulido. Mass Effect comic artist, Tony Parker. Deadpool Corps and New 52 artist, Marat Mychaels. Co-creator of Zenescope and founder of Broken Butterfly, local artist, Raven Gregory.

Along with the huge slew of comic guests this year, Amazing also has some media guests worth checking out. If you are a huge Sailor Moon fan like myself, you’ll love the appearance of some of the original dubbed cast! Linda Ballantyne, who voiced Sailor Moon. Katie Griffin who voiced Sailor Mars. Susan Roman who voiced Sailor Jupiter. Toby Proctor who voiced Tuxedo Mask.

But, that isn’t all, are you a big Power Rangers fan? Well, some of the cast is here to meet you! Red Ranger from Lost Galaxy, Danny Slavin. Pink Ranger from Lightspeed Rescue, Alison MacInnis. Blue Ranger on The Tribe, RPM, and Samurai, Ari Boyland. Blue Ranger in Dino Thunder and SPD, Kevin Dunhaney. White Ranger on Dino Thunder and SPD, Jeff Parazzo. Red Ranger in Lightspeed Rescue, Sean Johnson.

Make sure to make your way down to the Phoenix Convention Center during Valentine’s Day weekend to celebrate Amazing Arizona Comic Con and all the hard work everyone has done putting it together!

Follow the link for more information on the event and how to pick up your badges:

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