Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2016 | Amazing Weekend Preview!



If you’re a local and keep up with geek culture than you know that the Amazing Arizona Comic Con is upon us! As customers all over the valley frantically finish those unfinished costumes, many of the more prepared folks (I am not in this category) are planning out their weekend at the Phoenix Convention Center. If you keep up on Facebook or ever peruse the AACC website then you’re familiar with the guest that many con-goers will be clamouring to meet with, but what many don’t know, or are surprised to know, is there are tons of other amazing things happening at Amazing! Arizona Comic Con this weekend.


Do you cosplay? Have you ever wanted to walk down the red carpet? Well, then AACC is the place for you this friday! At 6:30 on the Main Stage, AACC is hosting a Cosplay Red Carpet complete with photographers! This will be a great event for both cosplay enthusiasts and photographers. Nothing sucks more than missing that one amazing costume everyone has been talking about. Here is your chance to preview the costumes to come this weekend. There is also the added benefit for costumers that you can get your pictures out of the way and spend more time shopping and less time posing.


What’s the best way for a Star Wars to start their convention weekend with? Force Friday, obviously! Nothing kicks your convention weekend off like receiving a FREE Star Wars sketch. During Force Friday Star Wars guests and activities will be highlighted and guests will receive their free Star Wars Comic Art! Amazing Comic Con has commissioned several key players in the artist alley to do a hour of free sketches for fans at the show this Friday.


What is perhaps the biggest draw outside of guests and the costume contest this weekend is Deadpool; you’re favorite “Merc with a mouth.” This weekend as the film debuts in theaters, AACC goers can attend a special screening with the creator of Deadpool Rob Liefeld with the Deadpool Ultimate Movie Experience. This special package include a Friday evening movie ticket at the AMC Arizona Center 24 where Rob Liefeld will introduce the film, offer a Q&A, and even a raffle. If you’re one of those people that has convinced your significant other that Deadpool is the romantic movie of the season, than this $45.00 package is for you.




Saturday night has two amazing events you definitely want to pencil in for this weekend: The first annual Amazing Fashion Show and the ever popular Costume Contest. These two events hold great fun for any level of costumer or fashionista.The Amazing Fashion Show will be your spot to see the latest in geek chic clothing being made by your local designers. Check out their wares on the runway and then catch up with them in the Vendor Hall and pick yourself up the latest fashion trend.


Looking for something a little more costume instense? Then check out the costume contest. Watch costumers from around the southwest area and beyond put their best costumes forward for a chance at glory! Taking place on the Main Stage at 7PM, costumers from all levels will present their custom made costumes and skits to a stellar panel of judges (including two of our our GNN writers Tia Dworshak and Gabrielle Donathan!). This year is extra promising as new categories have been introduced in include a wider variety of costumers and increase competition. Come for the costumes, but stay for skits! Many of these costumers have not only been working on creating their best costumes, but have spent time crafting skits. It promises to be a great show. Of course, be sure to stay and see who wins and there are sure to be some great cosplayer featured here.


If you’re looking for a nice way to wind down your cosplay filled weekend, sunday’s programming offers a family friendly day with a Kids Costume Parade to end the con. If you have any young aspiring cosplayers who are looking to show of their favorite costume, bring the Kids Costume Parade held at the Main Stage at 4PM! This event is open to everyone to attend and con-goers are encouraged to come cheer on the future of Amazing! Arizona Comic Con!


No matter what you are into, Amazing! Arizona Comic Con will have something just for you. While we have highlighted some of the events we’re looking forward to, there are plenty more events and tons more programing out there. Be sure to check out their Programming Page to see when your favorite artist are signing or when your favorite fandom has a group meet-up.


Don’t forget, tickets are still on sale now! Buy ’em here! Check out the VIP packages as well to get some extra swag!

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