Anime Expo 2017 | UPDATES!

Anime Expo 2017

Hey there fellow Geeks! With Anime Expo right around the corner (next week, to be more precise!) we at GNN are taking a closer look at all we can expect to see this year! Anyone else likes to plan out each day? With all the amazing guests and events at this year’s Anime Expo, it seems only appropriate to go through each one and properly prepare our hearts and stamina to run around and soak in all that we can!

For those of you that have been keeping up with our articles covering Anime Expo, or have been checking out their social media pages, you’re well aware of all the amazing guests and performances in store for us this summer. But, what if I told you that there is even more to expect?! That’s right – even with just one week left until the doors open for Anime Expo, the staff has announced yet another amazing set of guests that will be joining us this year. Step off that payload (we’ll forgive you this time) and gather ‘round heroes! It’s time to welcome two of our favorite Overwatch characters to Anime Expo – D.Va and Lucio! That’s right; Charlet Chung (voice actor for D.Va) and Johnny Cruz (voice actor for Lucio) are taking a break from saving the world in order to join us this summer at AX! If you would like a chance to see these awesome heroes, visit Booth #2438 in the Exhibit Hall, where they will be offering autograph sessions throughout the entire weekend. To read more about Charlet and Johnny, make sure to check out Anime Expo’s highlights or visit their own personal pages!

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But that’s not the only piece of awesome news from Anime Expo’s staff! Along with our heroic voice actors, this year AX is bringing us the amazing talents of Mitsuhisa Ishikawa (President/CEO of Production I.G. for Ghost in the Shell and Psycho Pass), Rui Kuroki (Producer for Psycho Pass and Tsubasa Chronicle), and Kazuto Nakazawa (Animation Director/Character Designer for Samurai Champloo, Kuroko’s Basketball, and Days). That’s three big names from the production industry joining us in the Guest of Honor line-up! For those of you who need a quick rundown on just how amazing these guests are, allow me to shed some light on your darkened world! Misuhisa Ishikawa is not only the mastermind behind Ghost in the Shell and Psycho Pass, but he was also the Executive Producer for the animated sequence seen in Kill Bill: Vol. 1, which has always been a fan-favorite part of the film! Ishikawa’s production world connects strongly with that of Rui Kuroki’s ever since Kill Bill: Vol. 1, where Kuroki worked closely alongside Ishikawa to produce popular titles such as Psycho Pass and Batman Gotham Night. Finally, our infamous Kill Bill film ties in our third name, Kazuto Nakazawa, who acted as the lead director for that same animated sequence. Fun fact about Nakazawa – he is the animator behind Linkin Park’s animated music video, “Breaking the Habit!” Three big names, one big convention! To read more about these guests and where to find them throughout the weekend, visit Anime Expo’s announcements page!

There is just so much to be excited for this year! So, get your maps and calendars ready to mark off those days and schedule your events to make sure you have a great time this year at Anime Expo! To stay updated with new guests and event announcements at AX 2017, make sure to like their Facebook page, or wander over to the “Latest Event News” section on their website. We can’t wait to see all of the amazing guests Anime Expo has in store! For now, let the countdown begin!!

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