Anime Expo 2017 | In the Eyes of a Cosplayer

This summer, GNN had the pleasure of attending Anime Expo 2017 and seeing all of the wonderful cosplays that made their way to Los Angeles. Of course, the main question became: how did these cosplayers enjoy their time at AX? Was that con crunch one for the record books? Would they recommend this con to other cosplayers? All valid questions, and all ones worth asking! So, we took a minute to reach out to a

Anime Expo 2017 | Crunchyroll gearing up for biggest presence ever!

Crunchyroll at Anime Expo

Crunchyroll is gearing up for its biggest presence ever at Anime Expo 2017. In addition to a slew of exclusive perks and events, fans will get a sneak peek of the highly anticipated anime series The Ancient Magus’ Bride (it’s from the same studio that brought blockbuster anime hit Attack on Titan) months before it airs in Japan or is made available on the Crunchyroll platform. Plus, there will be an intimate Q&A with the series’

Anime Expo 2017 | UPDATES!

anime expo

Hey there fellow Geeks! With Anime Expo right around the corner (next week, to be more precise!) we at GNN are taking a closer look at all we can expect to see this year! Anyone else likes to plan out each day? With all the amazing guests and events at this year’s Anime Expo, it seems only appropriate to go through each one and properly prepare our hearts and stamina to run around and soak

Anime Expo 2017 | Event Summary

The countdown to for one of America’s largest Anime convention begins as the summer starts! Anime Expo this year, like it’s past years, continues to bring life and excitement with its experience. Bringing amazing guest cosplayers, artists, and voice actors from all over. Along with booths representing gaming industries and anime franchises for fans to see and support. Anime Expo has also provided exceptional guests from around the world from all different franchises and series

Anime Expo 2017 | COSPLAY TIME

Hello fellow Geeks! With summer blazing that heat right in our faces, it can only mean one thing - the summer convention season is truly here! With Phoenix Comicon over and done, we're marking our calendars with another big event coming up on fourth of July weekend - Anime Expo! Nestled in the busy streets of Los Angeles, Anime Expo is known by all its fans as "a celebration of Japanese pop culture!" With that

Anime Expo Introduces Pre-Show Night for 2017

anime expo 2017

Anime Expo, the nation’s largest celebration of Japanese pop culture announced today that it will launch a new Pre-Show Night for the 2017 event.  Pre-Show Night will feature programming and events from 6PM – 2AM on Friday, June 30, 2017. During the new Pre-Show Night, attendees will be able to start enjoying Anime Expo activities earlier than ever before. Content and areas that will be available to fans on Pre-Show Night to include: panels, the entire

Anime Expo 2016: Events To Look Forward To

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By now, everyone should know that Anime Expo is so much more than just the con show floor and panels. Sitting in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, Anime Expo is surrounded by concert halls and venue spots that they take full advantage of. So far this year, AX has kept a lot under wraps. There are only four ticketed events on their website. These include: Anisong World Matsuri Makes American Debut, an interactive Butler Café