Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest Preview 2017

phoenix fan fest 2017

Guess what, Geek Tribe?  It's time for Phoenix Fan Fest again, brought to you by your friends at Phoenix Comicon, and Square Egg Entertainment. This year's show is being promoted as, "A Celebration of Comics, Creators and Collectibles!"  The "Collectibles" portion seems to be highlighted in 2017, and the mid-November date

Why The Outcry in re: the Star Wars Racism “Hoax” Was A Win

I am apparently supposed to be feeling sheepish right now. Last month, some 4chan trolls set out to enrage the Internet by suggesting bizarre, ludicrous things regarding the Star Wars poster that dropped.  Racism was a strong component in the material being put out. The Internet responded fairly quickly, and the outrage

Letters from the Legion: D.Zou, TR7248

In Service to the Empire . . . Letters from the Legion: An interview with Dominic Zou, TR7248/Royal Guard, Magma Trooper, Tusken Raider;  Singapore Garrison. Also known as:  The Guy That Makes Me Constantly Mutter, "What time is it in Singapore?" Real-life gig: Moving away from legal work     What is your favorite costume, and