‘Breaking Bad’ Prequel, ‘Better Call Saul,’ Is Officially Moving Forward!

There’s been rumors going for the past couples of weeks, but it seems like today, AMC and Sony Television is officially moving moved with a “Breaking Bad” spin-off show centered on Bob Odenkirk’s character Saul Goodman, who’s a criminal lawyer in “Breaking Bad” with the tagline “Better Call Saul!”

According to Comingsoon.net, AMC and Sony Television are working on the idea of a one-hour prequel show for Saul Goodman and the evolution of the character and will most likely be called “Better Call Saul.”

As of right know, the details are still being hammered out, but expect this to go into production fairly soon. However, “Breaking Bad” creator, Vince Gillian, has mentioned many times before that he’s a “slow show-runner,” meaning he takes his time plotting, writing, directing, and editing each episode. So hopefully we won’t have to wait for too long.

In the meantime…



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