In the past, titles from the Call of Duty franchise have been hated upon by gamers for being, “All the same.” insulted Call of Duty’s recent releases as, “…nothing significant has been added to that formula in the series’ many annual releases…”. Even with the harsh past, Sledgehammer Games is attempting to shake up the norm of Call of Duty, yet keeping the same feel as Black Ops 2 with their new game “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.” From the newly released trailer – gamers can see multiple things that will catch their interest, and possibly their pre-order. House of Cards actor, Kevin Spacey is found in
the trailer doing voice acting/character modeling for an unnamed character. Sledgehammer is following in Respawn Entertainment’s footsteps with use of mechs in their games, this is drawing towards a more sci-fi feel found in Black Ops 2. Other equipment such as “Magnetic Spiderman gloves”, “Anti gravitational gear”, and other futuristic gear will make this Call of Duty one to enjoy.



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