RTX 2014 Coverage and Interviews



This year at RTX 2014 Rooster teeth showed the plans for their future as well as things to enjoy from their past. Achievement Hunter announced two new members, Rooster Teeth took the throne for  #1 crowd funded movie with “Lazer team”, and RWBY released a demo for their new video game. With all these giant movements in Rooster teeth’s path, RTX was eventful with all their panels, booths, and Demos.


My interview with Gus Sorola:

I had the extreme privilege of having an interview with Rooster Teeth’s Gus Sorola. Since the Gus’ main job in Rooster Teeth is I.T., managing the podcast, and scheduling for RTX . I decided to dedicate the majority of the interview discussing the podcast, and the responsibilities of running it. When I asked him. “If he ever would leave, who would he give the responsibilities of the podcast to?” to my amazement he responded with “Gavin” This surprises me that he would trust Gavin with the task of handling the podcast (but in all seriousness after he explained it, Gavin would be a great fit to run it). The one question that was most important to me was, “To newer podcasters, what advice would you give for them to succeed?” His response was to make sure it was scheduled, where the audience can expect content to be provided on a certain day/week.  Mr. Sorola was a kind and fantastic person to talk with.




My interview with Freddie Wong:

Freddie’s hit Web Series, “Video Game High School” will be wrapping up their final season this year, me being a fan ever since the beginning of VGHS, had many questions on what we should expect for the final season of VGHS and what it was like filming the two previous seasons, summing it up Freddie said, “Expect the final season to be like Senior year in high school” this leaves question to many things, such as. Will “Prom” actually be a dance or a 2v2 tournament? That is what I would love to see from season 3, a 2v2 tournament of Field of Fire.

But whatever season 3 brings, I expect it to be the best of the series, and from Freddie’s and the rest of the team’s previous outstanding performance. It will.



My interview with Miles Luna:

Miles Luna is the writer/director of Red vs Blue and the hit anime “RWBY”. In this interview I decided to talk more about RWBY rather than Red vs Blue due to personal interest in Rooster Teeth’s new anime. Miles is simply one of the nicest guys you will ever meet in your life, the interview went swell and I am looking forward to see more of his work.


Thanks to all the people that allowed me to interview them, and a special thanks to all the staff at RTX.

I first started my life as a gamer on the Christmas of 2001- that was when my father purchased the first Playstation for me- throughout the years the gaming industry evolved and so did my love for gaming, for me gaming was not just a past time—it turned into a passion. Currently I am in college for game design and business in efforts that one day I can change the world of gaming forever.

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