Is Gaming Really “Addictive?”


Gaming is becoming one of the most iconic symbols of addictions, gamers play for hours in front of a computer screen, people are beginning to make livings off gaming , and now movies are coming out that are inspired by gaming. Critics say that gaming is unhealthy for you to play, that gaming is a waste of time, and that gaming secludes the players from the “Real world”.  But is gaming really an addiction or an art? People never said that Michelangelo was addiction to art, nor did anyone say that Mark Twain was addicted to writing books, they simply did it because it was their hobbies, it’s what defined them. Recently my father and I traveled to RTX 2014 to cover the convention, while I was there I saw what gaming actually did to people. I didn’t see people attacking each other over a controller like crack-heads, I saw people out in public laughing with each other, meeting new friends, and most importantly—I saw people happy, and isn’t that what the world really needs? Happiness? Gaming is now what brings outcasts into a community, people who are left out of sports events due to physical disabilities are now the stars of gaming. People are coming together and building friendships just so they can have other players for multiplayer.

Now my opinion might be biased, but my opinion is that gaming is one of the greatest inventions of our time. I have had the ability to make friends online and play games with them, I talked with people from other countries, and other players helped me through hard times in my life. Gaming changed my life for the better and I think the title of an “addiction” belittles the impact that gaming makes on people’s lives.

In one of his V-Blogs boogie2988 mentions how his life was saved by MMORPG’s—while he was going through a depressing time in his life, Boogie was tempted by the thought of suicide multiple times. From the help of his friends online he was able to conquer the depression and now he tries to help the community with his inspirational words and encourages others each day to make their life the best they can. And yes—Boogie still games, a lot.

Gaming is revolutionizing the world, some people might not see yet, but, those who were positively affected by it know the wonders of the gaming.

I first started my life as a gamer on the Christmas of 2001- that was when my father purchased the first Playstation for me- throughout the years the gaming industry evolved and so did my love for gaming, for me gaming was not just a past time—it turned into a passion. Currently I am in college for game design and business in efforts that one day I can change the world of gaming forever.

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