‘Blue Caprice’ Clip: Chilling Thriller Starring Isaiah Washington and Tequan Richmond

Bloody-Disgusting.com got an exclusive clip for Isaiah Washington’s newest film, “Blue Caprice,” which is based on the Beltway sniper attacks back in 2002. It’s a chilling and moving clip for a film that not a lot of people know about.

“Blue Caprice” hits iTunes tomorrow, September 17th, and select theaters September 20th.

Check out the clip below:

The striking feature film debut of writer-director Alexandre Moors, Blue Caprice is a harrowing yet restrained psychological thriller about an abandoned boy lured to America into the shadows of a dangerous father figure. Inspired by true events, Blue Caprice investigates the notorious and horrific Beltway sniper attacks from the point of view of the two perpetrators, whose distorted father-son relationship facilitated their long and bloody journey across America. Marked by captivating performances by Isaiah Washington and Tequan Richmond, lyrical camerawork, and a unique and bold structure, Blue Caprice documents the mechanisms that lead its subjects to embrace physical violence. Blue Caprice paints a riveting portrait of 21st-century America and a haunting depiction of two cold-blooded killers that will endure long after the lights come up.“


Blue Caprice,” which is directed by Alexandre Moors, hits (limited) theaters September 20th, 2013, and stars Isaiah Washington, Tequan Richmond, Joey Lauren Adams, Tim Blake Nelson, and Leo Fitzpatrick.

And if you haven’t seen the most recent trailer, here you go:



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