What to expect at Star Wars Celebration 2017

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It’s April and to many that means playing practical jokes on others and celebrating religious traditions but for Star Wars fans it also means coming together to share and revel in anything and everything Star Wars related at Star Wars Celebration. I had the pleasure of attending Celebration in 2015 in Anaheim, California and it was such a grand adventure. It felt like a family reunion. Families and friends attended in ‘Force’ with Star Wars cosplays, clothing, toys, patches, you name it. All the main actors & actresses from “Force Awakens” were in attendance and Star Wars Battlefront debuted along with the trailer for Episode VII of the Star Wars movie franchise. Last year Celebration took place overseas in Europe but this weekend it will be returning stateside to Orlando, Florida. There is so much happening at Celebration but this year a lot of fans are speculating on what to expect to see as well as anticipating meeting or getting a glance of Star Wars cast members from the past, present, and future.

Getting around and knowing what to do to get where you want to go is super important at any huge event like this so Star Wars Celebration dedicated a web page to help fans do just that (Click here). Fans will have to show up as early as 5 a.m. in the morning to get wristbands to purchase exclusives from the Hasbro store or for access to popular panels. Shopping for Hasbro, Funko and other Celebration exclusive items by fans and collectors will be a challenge as social media sites are buzzing with questions as to where to go to grab them.

If Anaheim is any indication as to how Orlando will go, fans will have a chance to grab items that will be set aside in limited quantity for each day at the Celebration Store. Celebration Orlando will be celebrating 40 years of the Star Wars franchise and it is likely that the trailer for Episode VIII will debut at “The Last Jedi” panel on April 14th, giving a glimpse of new characters and some familiar faces with new costumes. Makingstarwars.net has posted spoiler information of how Snoke, Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma will look in their new costumes.

In addition, another article was posted involving another smuggler type character and the ship they will be piloting in Episode VIII (Check out the article here). Mark Hamill will be hosting a panel giving tribute to Carrie Fisher on April 14th. All Autograph sales for Mark Hamill, Hayden Christensen, Felicity Jones and many others have already sold out online. There may still be hope as fans look to possibly get photo ops and autograph tickets if they become available during Celebration.

There should be plenty of Star Wars vendors in attendance for collectors to hunt down toys, lightsaber replicas and customs and other knick-knacks. Let’s not forget all the great novels and amazing artwork that will be available for purchase by the many artists and authors in attendance. Star Wars groups and individuals will be giving away and trading pins, patches, stickers, etc. over the weekend. There is probably going to be give-a-ways, contests and drawings as well. One group is having a bounty hunt but there are a limited number of people who will be able to participate.

Fans are showing off their costumes on social media already but you can catch plenty of incredible Star Wars cosplays while at the event. There will be a cosplay contest as well as a variety Star Wars show with special guests galore.

At Celebration Anaheim 2015 Star Wars Battlefront was on display for fans to experience and it looks like they will be doing the same for Star Wars Battlefront 2 at Orlando. A teaser trailer for the game was leaked ahead of its Celebration debut (See the trailer).

If all of this wasn’t enough, there will also be screenings of the Star Wars movies and “Rebels” TV shows for fans to enjoy. There will be so much to see and experience at Celebration Orlando 2017 for any old or new Star Wars fan. For those lucky enough to attend this event it is highly likely that it will be a day long remembered.


Watch the Star Wars Celebration Live Stream:


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