Hello fellow Geeks! It’s cosplay time! This week, we’re stepping out of our home states and traveling to the lovely land of Sweden, where the amazing cosplayer Bakasoseji resides.

An up and coming cosplayer who has already made a mark across the seas, Bakasoseji has been officially cosplaying for about a year and a half now. From manga characters to lolita style, this cosplayer has taken his hobby to the next level with his fantastic makeup skills and attention to detail. So, we of course had to take some time to get inside his head a bit and find out more about his cosplay career!


Cosplayer: Bakasoseji
Character: Tomoe (Kamisama Kiss)


What first got you into cosplay?

I wanted to get noticed by a very special girl… and I knew I had a better chance if I tried cosplay, since she is a cosplayer herself. Apparently it worked (insert cute smile and wink here). So my girlfriend is the reason why I gave cosplay a go. And now I’m stuck! With her and the hobby haha.

What is your biggest accomplishment as a cosplayer so far?

I’ve always wanted to have a cosplay photo shoot, but never had chance to work with a good photographer who’s interested in shooting a cosplayer. But, last year I had the opportunity to be photographed by a very talented Indonesian photographer, and now I finally have some good quality photos of one of my cosplays! A big dream and a big accomplishment! Not only that, but cosplay has helped my self-acceptance and also boosted my self esteem. I’ve always been a very short, very thin guy, and I’ve been made fun of because of this. But I feel like I can take advantage of my look when it comes to cosplay and thanks to that I can work on my self-confidence. Also a big accomplishment!

What is a dream cosplay of yours?

May sound shallow, but thanks to cosplay I’m now more aware of how I look in photos, and a cosplay dream of mine would be to cosplay Tidus from Final Fantasy X. Tidus is a pretty ripped guy, therefore it’s a goal to achieve (thanks to cosplay) by working out harder and building muscles!

Cosplayer: Bakasoseji
Character: Cheshirecat (YUME100)


What inspires you to create a new cosplay?

I love half animal-half human characters, and the Yokai (demon type). It’s the magic and mystique that these type of characters excrete that I feel drawn to.

What is your next big cosplay project and what inspired you to start it?

Right now I have two projects in mind that I want to start together with my love/my best friend/my girlfriend, who also is my biggest inspiration. These projects are; Prompto (and Noctis) from Final Fantasy XV, and Ingway (and Mercedes) from Odin Sphere.

Is there any advice/words of wisdom you would like to give to aspiring cosplayers?

JUST DO IT. DON’T LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS, JUST— I’m serious, if you ever thought about trying cosplay, maybe just for one character, then I say go for it! And remember, learning takes practice. Nothing will be perfect on your first try! But you know this already!


Cosplayer: Bakasoseji
Character: Tomoe (Kamisama Kiss)
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