Hello fellow Geeks! Been missing your dosage of amazing cosplay? Well, hold on tight because we’re back with the gorgeous Lemon Bell Cosplay, who has been dazzling members of the cosplay community for the past 5 years! Coming straight from Arizona, we’re not sure what’s hotter – her, or that desert landscape she lives in! But, we’ll let you be the judge of that after checking out what she had to say during our latest interview with her!

Cosplayer: LemonBell
Character: Kagome (Inuyasha)

1. What was the first cosplay you ever did and why did you choose that character?

My very first cosplay was my own creation of Halloween Town Kairi from Kingdom Hearts. At that time, it was my first game I was so passionate about and just fell involve with it. So, I wanted to cosplay Kairi but try something new and do a Halloween Version of her, similar to Sora’s!

2. What inspires you to continue cosplaying?

My friends and other cosplayers are constantly inspiring me to continue and to push myself harder in creating new cosplays and trying new things. If it weren’t for the friends I had through my life and now, I wouldn’t have been as happy or as passionate as I am now when it comes to cosplay.
3. Which characters are you most drawn to when looking for a new cosplay? Why?
When thinking of characters to cosplay, I always start by looking at an anime, game, movie, or comic I like – something that I’m passionate about and love, that I could bring to life! I usually lean towards characters I can physically pull off and some that match more of my personality, which usually are fun-loving, strong-willed, kind, spontaneous, and adventurous characters. I’m trying now to push out of my comfort zone and cosplay more characters that possibly I wouldn’t have considered before, and it’s just all the more fun!
Cosplayer: LemonBell
Character: D.Va (Overwatch)

4. Do you have any dream cosplays you have yet to get started on? Why this character?

When thinking of a dream cosplay I always immediately think of the League of Legends character Sona and her Concussive DJ Skin and how pretty it is with all of the light effects and overall design. I just love the helmet, having it light up and change motions, along with her DJ board that has all of its own lights and effects. It would be a dream to do this one day!

5. What has been one of your favorite cosplay/convention moments?

One of my absolute favorite moments at a convention was when I was Tinkerbell and this little boy was with his mother and saw me. He instantly started to get excited and just stared at me, and I didn’t know what to do until the little boy had run over to me and gave me a big hug. It was the cutest, most heartwarming thing and I gave him a hug and a sparkly clear stone with pixie dust and he just looked so happy! Those moments make it an amazing time to be a cosplayer and make others happy.

Cosplayer: LemonBell
Character: Tinkerbell

6. How has cosplay influenced you as a person?

Cosplay has shown me that everyone is unique and different! They all come from their own parts of the world and each one brings so many different aspects to the cosplay community. It’s really taught me to love the way people bring art to life and how to make amazing new friends from all over.

7. Throughout your cosplay career, what have been your top three favorite cosplays? Why?

My top three favorite cosplays so far have to be Tinkerbell, Kagome, and Spider Gwen. Each all form completely differen’t things and all having completely different stories and personalities, they are all so much fun to be.

8. Do you have any advice/words of wisdom you would like to give to aspiring cosplayers?

The only advice I can give, that I follow myself, is to always make sure you’re having fun! Whatever it is, cosplaying, going to a con, no matter what, you should always be having fun and enjoying the experience!

Cosplayer: LemonBell
Character: Rikku (FFX-2)

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Great interview!! Going to look her up on Cosmunity now. 🙂