MLB 14 The Show PS4 (Preview )


Ding dong the 2K is gone.

With 2K Sports not renewing their MLB license for 2014, it leaves this year’s iteration of The Show franchise as the lone (and Sony exclusive) Major League Baseball sim. Sorry Xbox fans. Not that this is a bad thing either; as the MLB2K games were atrocious, and when it came down to it the only reason anyone ever bought it was to try for the million dollar “perfect game” contest. After last years phoned in attempt, I am sure that nobody is going to miss them.


Moving on, this years MLB 14 The Show is looking sharp with what we have been given thus far. Expected to release later this spring, the newest version will up the ante in both game play (shortening the time a nine inning game is played) and in graphic content (150K poly on the PS3, now closer to one million for the PS4). With the addition of Universal Currency, which is the same micro-transactions we’ve had in the last two or three years just called something different, and the ability to now carry over your saved franchises and RTTS players to 15 and beyond, these are all very good indicators as to why 2K didn’t bother renewing the license.



You can currently pre-order MLB 14 The Show for its Spring release. Some retailers of course have exclusive bonuses for doing such. Keep watch here at GNN for updates as they come in for more information.


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