New York Comic Con 2018 Goes All Out!

new york comic con

If New York Comic Con hasn’t impressed in the past (and let’s face it, they always have impressed) they’re really outdoing themselves this year! Not only are there some really big names as guests, such as David Tennant, Bill Nye, Jason Mamoa, Mark Ruffalo, Danai Gurira, Matt Smith, Tom Felton, and Natalia Tena, there are a lot of reunions included this year!

Lois and Clark are having their 25th Anniversary Reunion and are hosting a panel on October 5th at 12:45 pm with Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain. Boy Meets World is also having a 25th Anniversary Reunion and their panel will be on October 5th at 2:30 with Ben Savage, Will Friedle, and Danielle Fishel. On top of those, Cowboy Bebop will be celebrating their 20th Anniversary with a panel on October 4th at 4:00 pm with dynamic duo Steve Blum and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

Think that 25 years is a long time ago? DC Superman will be discussing their 80TH Anniversary on October 6th at 2:15! Their panel will be an amazing tribute to Superman, who has sold more comic books than any other American superhero character. 😊

While we’re still riding that wave of nostalgia, William Zabka and Ralph Macchio will be in a panel on October 7th at 11:00 am called “Wax on, Wax off with Cast and Creators of Cobra Kai.”

The events that I personally can’t wait to attend are “Tardis Time: Matt Smith, David Tennant, and Alex Kingston Live” on October 5th at 8:00 pm (hardcore David Tennant fan here) and “Oni Press and IDW Present: Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons and Dragons” on October 5th at 5:15 pm.

On October 4th at 11:00 am, some original cast members from Harry Potter (including Natalia Tena and Tom Felton) will be discussing The Cursed Child.  I genuinely hope that they do a little bit of reading since Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is now a production on Broadway in the Lyric Theatre.  Tickets are selling for $95 for the nosebleeds (which let’s face it, sell out before you can turn your phone on) or the premium tickets which are $198-$320 PER PART! (Ouch) See the trailer here:

Marvel has two panels coming up this New York Comic Con and it sounds like they have some pretty big news to share with us! “Marvel Animation Presents” will be October 7th at 1:30 pm and “Marvel Comics: The Next Big Thing” will be on October 6th at 4:30.  “DC Nation” will also be having a panel on October 7th at 2:30 pm, only an hour after the Marvel Animation panel! Which line are YOU going to choose?

By way of announcements, Disney is joining in the party as well! Well, okay they were already at the party with Marvel,  but just like someone buying two plane tickets because their butt is too big, Disney has to split cheeks between seats as well.  “Disney Publishing Presents: What’s New and Upcoming from Disney Publishing” will be October 4th at 3:30 pm and I’m so intrigued that I won’t even point out that the words “Disney Publishing” are in the title twice.  (Redundant Redundancy presents Something Redundant!)

Who else read Pierce Brown’s Iron Gold and loved the Red Rising series?! Because I sure did and I can’t wait for “Pierce Brown’s Red Rising” panel.  It will be held on October 4th at 5:00 pm! On top of that, Patrick Rothfuss, author of The Name of the Wind, a book that literally made me laugh out loud AND cry in one paragraph, will be having a panel on October 4th at 5:15 pm. Neil Gaiman will also be in attendance on this iconic weekend at NYCC to present a first-ever sneak peek of “Good Omens” starring David Tennant as Crowley!  This preview will be held at The Hulu Theater in Madison Square Garden on October 6th at 10:00 am.

There are so many screenings, so many announcements and sneak peaks, and so much excitement that you do NOT want to miss out on this year! Don’t wait around too long to get passes and, word from the wise, consider bringing a snack for the inevitable times you will be waiting in line, whether for a panel, signing or even the elevator. 😉 See you there my Geek Family!

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