LOUISIANIME | “Don’t Sell Your Soul for a Bowl of Porridge.”


This event was a game changer for me. I have been writing for Geek News Network for three years in November, I have attended different conventions from New York City to Louisiana, and I have met a lot of people. But, the conventions that I’ve attended that have meant the most to me were the ones that I never dreamed would make a difference. A year ago, a week after I had come out of

Funi-Roll or Crunchimation?

crunchyroll funimation partnership

Funimation and Crunchyroll announced on September 8th that they are entering an exciting partnership that will benefit both anime fans and the anime industry. What this partnership means for fans is simply this: you can now watch subtitled animes on Crunchyroll and watch dubbed titles on Funimation. No more browsing for your favorite animes and jumping back and forth between the two sites. Funimation announced on the day of their launch that they will continue

Team Haberkorn Gets Louisiana Comic Con All Fired Up!

Louisiana Comic Con took Lafayette by a storm, filling local businesses with cosplayers and ecstatic fans from all over the state. The guest list changed a lot from the original advertisement. Both Sean Patrick Flanery and DJ Yella were unable to attend, but then Todd Haberkorn, James C. Leary, and Jennifer Lynn Warren arrived as special guests. Another delightful addition to Lousiana Comic Con this year were the two pizza loving, cowabunga brothers: Michelangelo and

Louisiana Comic Con 2015 is Coming to the Cajundome!

Louisiana Comic Con 2015 is coming to the Cajundome Convention Center on October 17th and 18th and it is probably the best bargain I have ever heard of for a comic con! Tickets are only $15 for the day and $25 for the whole weekend to see David Della Rocco from The Boondock Saints, TWO special guests from The Walking Dead and much more! Any fans of The Walking Dead are bound to be ecstatic the

The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths | The Long Awaited Revival

The Dark Crystal is a treasured favorite among many. I know I’m not the only kid who would practice my Gelfling face in the mirror and “hmmm” like a Skeksi. Now The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths Volume 3, the new issue from Archaia and The Jim Henson Company, further explores the vast universe Jim Henson created 33 years ago. And if you think that you knew everything there is to know about The Dark Crystal, you are

KING | A New Comic Series to Rule Them All

From the writer of THE BUNKER and the artists of GREEN LANTERN CORPS and BATMAN BEYOND, KING is an action/comedy about the last man on Earth living in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles.  The unique art style by Bernard Chang and Marcelo Maiolo is as outlandish and bizarre as the strange new world that Joshua Hale Fialkov created.  The color scheme is a faded pastel pallet with some twilight shading which adds authenticity to the end

Interviews with MechaCon’s Sizzling Stars!

I’ll never forget the look on that old man’s face when I walked through the mall in full-out Joker cosplay. I’ve done a lot of stupid things in public for a laugh. (Like crawling around on the ground, pretending I lost a contact lens, just to see how many people would join in.) I’ve even stood on a stage in front of the whole school and sang “Macho Man” in overalls and a construction helmet.

The Banished of Muirwood | REM Cycle to Reality

At the end of every book, there should be a lingering thought burning in the back of the reader’s mind. As I finished reading The Banished of Muirwood by Jeff Wheeler, I concluded that any dream is achievable with enough hard work and a little touch of luck. For Jeff Wheeler, his stroke of luck was a dream. When he woke up from his fascinating dream, he hurriedly jotted down some notes on the paper

Go Set a Watchman: A Controversy

Harper Lee’s new book, Go Set a Watchman, was released this week and has the literally world in a heated debate. Go Set a Watchman is considered a sequel to the 1960’s American classic, To Kill a Mockingbird. It takes place 20 years after the events in To Kill a Mockingbird and it has the same original characters, Jean Louise and Atticus Finch.\ However there are some major changes to Atticus’ character. Rather than being depicted as a

MechaCon 2015 Is Just Around the Corner!

MechaCon returns to The Big Easy July 17th through the 19th! New Orleans has always been known for throwing the wildest parties and MechaCon is here to prove it! This year MechaCon is expecting some media guests that has every anime fan screaming in excitement!   First guest is Steve Blum, whose vocal talents widely range from the eerie villain, Amon, from “Avatar: The Legend of Korra,” to Spike Spiegel in “Cowboy Bebop.” He was also added to the