The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths | The Long Awaited Revival


The Dark Crystal is a treasured favorite among many. I know I’m not the only kid who would practice my Gelfling face in the mirror and “hmmm” like a Skeksi. Now The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths Volume 3, the new issue from Archaia and The Jim Henson Company, further explores the vast universe Jim Henson created 33 years ago. And if you think that you knew everything there is to know about The Dark Crystal, you are gravely mistaken. The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths is pretty much the “Dark Crystal 401” course of the Henson fandom.

For those who haven’t read the first two issues, the first comic began with a beautiful tribute to the late Jim Henson.

Jim Hensen with Aughra“Jim Henson was a visionary. He continues to extend the invitation to travel in this magical realm. Along with Alex, Lizzy, Brian, and the rest of Archaia, we are proud to be fellow travelers in Jim’s extraordinary vision. It is a privilege to present Jim’s legacy- The Continuing World of The Dark Crystal.” –Brian Froud

The moment my eyes fell on the cover, my mind was blown with the whimsical and refined art. The words and prose of all three comics I read were filled with magic and wisdom. Each mark, each wrinkle on the characters’ faces were meaningful and carefully placed. This was a comic that you could feel the unity and teamwork that was put into each chapter. The reader can easily feel that every page was done in loving memory of Jim Henson.

The comics consist of the history of the Gelflings, the Urskek, the wise mother Aughra, and her inquisitive son, Raunip. Included in the comics are a few additional short stories, such as “How the Gelfling Maid Got Her Wings” and “Jarra-Jen and the Horn of Thunder” which quench the reader’s curiosity.

The story deepens with each comic and reveals the beginning of reign of the Skeksis. Every event leads to the circumstances that evolve into the film “The Dark Crystal.” A heartbreaking revelation occurs on the final pages of this third comic that you felt you knew all along, but it still leaves you breathless. And just as you would revel in the beauty of a sunset, a sadness can linger afterward as you see it end.

“Wish not for treasure you can hold
No gleaming jewels, bright and cold
For finer still than pearl or gold
The treasure of a tale well told…”

And so one of the greatest stories lives on. It not only delights the reader, but also is a precious tribute to one of the most renowned creative minds in history. Even though he is gone, Jim Henson’s legacy has found a way to touch us all.

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