Overwatch League Inaugural Season | Intro to Stage 2

Calling all heroes! It’s time to gear up, show up and support your favorite teams during the Overwatch League Inaugural Season! Two weeks ago, Stage 1 of the Inaugural Season came to a very dramatic close with London Spitfire becoming our Stage 1 champions and claiming the Stage 1 prize money! Now, we look towards the horizon as we get hyped for the beginning matches of Stage 2. Who will be our Stage 2 champions? Only time (5 weeks to be precise) will tell!

As it stands right now, New York Excelsior has risen through the ranks with their dominating plays to take the #1 spot in the Inaugural Season rankings, with an outstanding 9-1 win streak. Not too far behind, we find the Houston Outlaws taking the #2 spot with their own stats of 7-3. And seated in the #3 spot in the division standings is our Stage 1 champs, London Spitfire.

blizzard, esports, gaming, Overwatch, overwatch league, video games

blizzard, esports, gaming, Overwatch, overwatch league, video games

Moving onto Stage 2, however, we can expect to see some shifts in the rankings. Recently, our much-loved programming teams behind Overwatch have released a patch that affects our heroes and the competitive plays we will be seeing at this stage. What can we expect this time around from our teams and their lineups? For starters, we are anticipating a heavy shift in the Healer department from a nonstop Mercy show over to the Lucio department. Along with this shift in support, we expect much more damage-driven plays from the teams, which works well for any team that we see to be very Tank heavy in their offense.

Alongside the patch and meta changes, Stage 2 will feature a new lineup of Overwatch arenas to be played in. Personally, I’m extremely excited to be seeing Route 66 and King’s Row coming into the competitive scene this stage! During Stage 1, we saw that most maps were heavily geared towards Widowmaker plays. Now, with the addition of maps like Route 66, Hollywood, and Volskaya, we are anticipating another shift in hero choices over to Sombra, where health packs are scattered nicely and just waiting to be hacked.

Day 1 of the second stage is happening right now! Yep, you heard me. Right now. You really don’t want to miss these first matches, nor any of the other matches as we continue to charge forward into Stage 2 of the Overwatch Inaugural Season!

blizzard, esports, gaming, Overwatch, overwatch league, video games

Now, if you’re like me I’m sure you would much rather be watching these epic playoffs from the hype of the Blizzard Arena in Burbank, CA! Tickets for Stage 2 are on sale now, with weekday tickets selling at $20, and Saturday tickets selling at $30. To seal the deal and snag your seats, visit the Overwatch League website, or just click here! But don’t just stop with buying your front row seats – make sure to head over to Blizzard’s gear shop for all the Overwatch League merch and your favorite team jerseys to really get you hyped!

Well, as much as I would love to keep writing for you guys, I have some epic matches to go watch! Check-in soon for more updates on the Overwatch League, and check out the Overwatch League schedule for all upcoming Stage 2 matches.

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