Phoenix Film Festival 2014 “DisneyNature’s Bears”



I’ve always been a Disney fan, and I really like the DisneyNature series. The latest addition to this collection follows a family of Alaskan bears, a mother and two cubs, for the cubs’ first year after birth. Venturing out from their den, the small family must cross a large mountain range and find enough salmon to fuel their next hibernation.

It’s a very family-friendly picture, obviously. There are a couple moments of violence, but the only blood comes from the fish that get eaten. There were a lot of kids at the festival screening, and I didn’t hear any of them scream or cry, they all just seemed to be enthralled. As an adult, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the landscapes, and the awesome power of the bears. The narrator also provided a few good chuckles, putting words into the bears’ mouths at times. It was just the right touch, not too much, but enough so that you really did start to feel for the freakin’ adorable little bear cubs.

If you’ve never seen a DisneyNature flick, there are a handful of them, covering chimpanzees, African cats, ocean life, and even flowers and bugs. The common thread through all of these films is, still, the breath-taking beauty of our world and the creatures that live here. Bears doesn’t disappoint!

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