It is my great pleasure to introduce another local treasure, Courtney Cotter. Courtney has a rich, pure, sweet voice. Courtney was born in Mesa, AZ, and comes from a large family. She writes and composes her own songs and lyrics. There is so much wisdom and sensitivity in her lyrics. She met some of her musical accompanists in a Jazz class at Mesa High School. She has two albums available. Her first CD, Home I Roam, was recorded in NY. Her latest CD, Rooftops, was self produced here in Mesa. Rooftops opens with an upbeat song titled Stand in the Rain and closes with an instrumental, the title track, Rooftops. The instrumental track, Rooftops, reminds me of that feeling you get on a chilly Christmas morning, so much joy and anticipation. There is so much variety in this gem of an album. Be sure to pick up your copy of Home I Roam and soon to be released Rooftops. You can follow her journey at

Here’s a sneak peak at her music!

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