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I met Todd VanHooser at an event late last summer. I found his theme intriguing so I picked up a few of his books.

I am currently reading The Lamplighter Collection. It’s funny, I’m not usually a procrastinator, but to be honest, I don’t want to finish this book; I want to savor every moment. I have high hopes that when I’m done, there’ll be more ghost stories to read, and I don’t normally read ghost stories. I am careful to read them during the day, so ghosts don’t haunt my dreams.

His collection of short stories is loosely based on a city he visited many years ago. I find myself holding my breath while I read. Every story has a great moment or two that everyone can relate to.

I just felt an odd chill in the air. I must retreat from this dark room…

You can find Todd VanHooser on Twitter @Laughing_Moon, on Facebook at or on his website at

Geek? Nerd? Rock Star Mom? I’m not really sure which title fits me best. I’m an artist and poet. I have two blogs. I don’t read comic books. I have a good eye for composition. I know some artists that will be famous one day. My oldest son (Big Chris) is an amazing artist! My youngest son is a Punk Rock Star (Jeremy Wood, bassist for Authority Zero). I am very social and I like to interview cool people, so I write a few stories for GNN. Who wouldn’t want to be included with such a cool/geeky/nerdy group of people, right? Judy Wood, poet, artist, writer for GNN.

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