FANBOY RANT | Episode 131: The Spectacular and Uncanny Rachel

rachel rae cosplay

Hello to all you Fans, Dorks, Geeks and Nerds out there in Fanland and welcome back to another amazing adventure of Fanboy Rant. In this week's adventure, your Fanboy gets the pleasure of getting to sit down with the Amazing, Spectacular, and Uncanny Miss Rachel Rae!!! We talk about her incredible journey through cosplay and her passion for all things fitness as well as her amazing nerdiness. So until next week please sit back, have a drink,

FANBOY RANT | Episode 122 World of War Potter with Bailey Vea

Hello to all you Fans, Dorks, Geeks and Nerds out there in Fanland and welcome back to another amazing adventure of Fanboy Rant. In this week's adventure, your Fanboy gets the pleasure of sitting down with an amazing Florida cosplayer the striking miss Bailey Vea cosplay. we talk about her dive into the cosplay and con world. her past current and future cosplays and we talk some special talents that not a lot of people

5 Obscure Fantasy Novels/Series You Shouldn’t Miss!

When I started this I had a list of almost fifty different fantasy novels all written out and ready to go and why you should read them. It was difficult, but I narrowed it down to five novels of the High Fantasy variety. Here they are in no particular order for your enjoyment.   The Belgariad by David Eddings This series was introduced to me by a very close friend a few years

Go Set a Watchman: A Controversy

Harper Lee’s new book, Go Set a Watchman, was released this week and has the literally world in a heated debate. Go Set a Watchman is considered a sequel to the 1960’s American classic, To Kill a Mockingbird. It takes place 20 years after the events in To Kill a Mockingbird and it has the same original characters, Jean Louise and Atticus Finch.\ However there are some major changes to Atticus’ character. Rather than being depicted as a

Laughing Moon Chronicles

I met Todd VanHooser at an event late last summer. I found his theme intriguing so I picked up a few of his books. I am currently reading The Lamplighter Collection. It’s funny, I’m not usually a procrastinator, but to be honest, I don’t want to finish this book; I want to savor every moment. I have high hopes that when I’m done, there’ll be more ghost stories to read, and I don’t normally read ghost

GEEK MOM – Review: The Baby Owner’s Manual

The only parenting book you will ever need! The Internet freaks me out! Don’t get me wrong; I love being able to find any piece of information, staying connected through social media and of course online streaming. But when you are pregnant with your first kid, trying to sort through all the information can be just as complicated as trying to get San Diego Comic Con tickets. This lead to my husband's ban on the Internet. He

Book Review: Further Encounters of Sherlock Holmes

Okay Sherlock fandom, are you desperate for something to slake your thirst as you slough through the eternal drought of waiting for Season 4? (We all know you are. We've seen the memes.) Check out Further Encounters of Sherlock Holmes, a collection of short stories edited by George Mann. Explore twelve original Sherlock Holmes stories by well established authors, including a surprising amount of writers from Doctor Who. In any case, there is some truly

12- PACK: Jack-Off Anonymous

The 3 Drunk Geeks are back with their first nerd news podcast of 2014! Be sure and stay up to date with the nerd news you need to know by listening to The 12 PACK! In this 12-Pack: Brooding abs leaving True Blood, Reverse Flash may be joining the CW Flash series, The Governor may be resurrected as some sort of Eyepatch Jesus in The Walking Dead, and more in the casting roundup. The first of the new


  The 3 Drunk Geeks have done it again with another 12 PACK! Get the nerd news you need to know in easy to swallow podcast format! Now on iTunes and Stitcher radio! In this week's 12 Pack: Casey Jones is out of Bay's Turtle reboot, the role of Nyssa al Ghul comes to Arrow, Matt Smith may be talking with JJ Abrams and MORE in our "Casting Roundup" Is it really a Wonderful Life? So wonderful that a

Aspiring Authors: Thomas Williams

Welcome back for another segment of Aspiring Authors! This time around, I've had the pleasure to interview Thomas Williams, author of the seven-part Adventures of Dod series, of which three have been released. The series chronicles fourteen year old Cole who finds himself transported to a fantasy world nothing like the life he parted with at home. He teams up with a group of unlikely heroes and sets off to stop a being called The