Special Events for Saboten Con 2012!!

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Saboten Con is proud to have a new event, Papercrafting Competition! This isn’t your ordinary origami. Papercrafting is a painstaking, meticulous art. Every bit as detailed and intricate as their plastic counterparts, papercraft figure-making can be as complex as you want it to be or as simple as doing a few cuts and folds.


Think you have what it takes to show off your crafting abilities?  Are you a wiz at molding, cutting and gluing paper? Well then paper zen master, now is your chance to display your otaku-based crafting talents and compete at Saboten Con’s first ever, papercrafting competition! For more details, visit http://www.sabotencon.com/mevents/paper-craft-contest.


Also happening this year for Saboten Con, during the J-Fashion Show, there will be a J-Fashion competition the Project J-Runway Competition. If you are not familiar with the J-Fashion Show, it is where our fellow attendees show off their favorite Japanese street fashion themed outfits, handmade or bought.


You may have heard of Project Runway, but you have not seen it done Saboten style.    Want to flex your creative fashion muscles?  Want to challenge your sewing skills? Enter the Project J-Runway Competition.   Anyone can enter as long as you follow the guidelines.  This year’s theme is “The Desert.” Contest rules and guidelines can be found here http://www.sabotencon.com/mevents/contest-project-jrunway.


Sign-ups for Project J-Runway and the J-Fashion Show start now. This year we will have more space and an awesome half time show, so don’t miss it!


Saboten Con’s Cosplay Photography Contest is returning!  The contest will be for those who are interested in showing off their costumes for the camera or cosplayers who enjoy acting out a scene or character in the form of photographs. Or, if you are more interested in capturing these moments behind the viewfinder, you can still compete!


The photographs should be entered before the start of the convention.  A panel of judges will choose the 6 best photographs. Attendees will then judge these 6 photographs during the convention.  Winners will be announced during the halftime show at the Masquerade.  Awards will be given to the photographer and to the cosplayers portrayed in the winning photograph(s). You can find more details here http://forum.sabotencon.com/index.php?/topic/520-cosplay-photo-contest/


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anime, convention, cosplay photography contest, manga, papercrafting competition, project j-runway competition, renaissance glendale hotel, saboten conAbout Saboten Con:
Saboten Con will be held on September 1- 3 at the Renaissance Glendale Hotel in Glendale, Arizona. This will be our 5th year as the largest Anime Convention in Arizona. Our goal is to build on all the amazing previous years with more exciting programming, more guests, and more things to do. For more information or register, visit www.sabotencon.com

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