Den of Thieves | Movie Review

  Who do you root for when the good guys aren’t that good, and the bad guys have better family lives? Den of Thieves explores that question fairly well, while weaving a cat and mouse tale of two gangs of highly armed, highly motivated, and highly skilled men against each other,

The Commuter | Movie Review

There is comfort in routine. It is soothing to be able to have an idea of how the events of any given day will likely unfold. There is a sense of security in the known. But how many times does that routine fall apart and set up a chain of

“Sabotage” Movie Review

Although Arnold Schwarzenegger has dabbled in the comedy genre with such films as: Kindergarten Cop, Junior, and Twins; it’s the action genre that has made him a household name. Mostly known for playing the Terminator and spouting lines likes “I’ll be back” and “hasta la vista baby”, Arnold has always