Tomb Raider | Movie Review

tomb raider movie review

Born in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1988, Alicia Amanda Vikander is the daughter of a stage actress and a psychiatrist. She started acting at the age of seven by starring in a stage production of Kristina från Duvemåla at The Göteborg Opera. From there she would go on to perform in many other notable musicals up until she fell in love with ballet several years later. After her passion began to rise, her family moved to Stockholm so

Den of Thieves | Movie Review

Who do you root for when the good guys aren’t that good, and the bad guys have better family lives? Den of Thieves explores that question fairly well while weaving a cat and mouse tale of two gangs of highly armed, highly motivated, and highly skilled men against each other, as their leaders match wits to see who is the better master of their element. The film opens with a tactically executed armored car heist,

The Commuter | Movie Review

There is comfort in routine. It is soothing to be able to have an idea of how the events of any given day will likely unfold. There is a sense of security in the known. But how many times does that routine fall apart and set up a chain of events that spirals further and further out of the comfort zone? The Commuter is a potpourri of elements that come together to bring some of

JASON BOURNE | Movie Review

Paul Greengrass has had a fairly successful career as a film director thus far. He started off doing a TV series documentary called World in Action in 1985 and then made his first feature film in 1989 entitled Resurrected - the true story of a British Soldier that was left behind after the war with Argentina. Since then he directed a lot of TV movies and smaller, independent films up until 2004. That's when he

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD | Movie Review

The best action movies give us someone we can root for and keeps us invested in their outcome.  It also provides villains that are memorable and almost impossible to get rid of, which makes you excited when they do finally get it in the end.  Take all that and include a kinetic, heart-pounding soundtrack, a violent wasteland, and thirst, and you have a wild ride ahead of you. In Mad Max: Fury Road, directed by George


  Something the Marvel movies have been sadly missing is a compelling villain.  The glitz and glamour of the superheroes has been more than enough to satisfy our craving of action and suspense, but at some point they can get repetitive without a unique adversary to shake things up.  Loki in the Thor movies and the first Avengers film can be considered the most charismatic of the Marvel villains up to this point.  Until now. In Avengers:

“Sabotage” Movie Review

Although Arnold Schwarzenegger has dabbled in the comedy genre with such films as: Kindergarten Cop, Junior, and Twins; it’s the action genre that has made him a household name. Mostly known for playing the Terminator and spouting lines likes “I’ll be back” and “hasta la vista baby”, Arnold has always taken his action presence with a grain of salt. In 1993 he even went as far as to parody himself by playing Jack Slater in

BBC AMERICA to Co-Produce New Series “Atlantis” for Supernatural Saturday

Full Press Release follows: New York – July 22, 2013 – BBC AMERICA announced today the channel will co-produce new thrilling fantasy drama Atlantis to premiere as part of Supernatural Saturday in Fall 2013. Atlantis, created by Howard Overman (Misfits), Julian Murphy (Merlin) and Johnny Capps (Merlin), is set in a time of legendary heroes and mythical creatures. The action packed (13 x 60) series brings to life the vast store of Greek myths and legends

“2 Guns” Movie Review

“Buddy team-up” films have been around for some time now. The pairing of two characters of opposite personalities might seem like a recipe for disaster in real life, but in film it’s more of a formula for a fun back-and-forth type of relationship. Some films like Lethal Weapon, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, 21 Jump Street, and The Heat are able to use the genre in incredibly entertaining ways. Other films such as Hollywood Homicide, Righteous

“Fast & Furious 6” Movie Review

The entirety of The Fast & the Furious franchise is something that I have a great fondness for. The first film in the series got me hooked and helped me to love every new chapter thus far. I can still remember back to where my friend Brent loaned me his copy of The Fast & and the Furious on DVD and told me that it is something I’d thoroughly enjoy. Now, not being a car